As the team from Roanoke, VA wraps up its last day in the mission field, emotions run the gamut. We are experiencing joy in knowing that the Lord has used us to further His Kingdom and, at the same time, sadness in coming to the realization that it is nearly over. But we have rest and peace in the hope that He will lead us this way again.

Our day started with Michelle and Mandy sharing their testimonies on the radio this morning and Jay providing a message God had laid on his heart from the book of 2 Thessalonians.

The medical team worked at the clinic until noon, treating nearly 60 patients. The ministry team visited Cofradia school where the children received school supplies, coloring books and Crayola’s, and lots of attention while playing soccer, frisbee, and jump rope.

Following a delicious lunch prepared by Mama Maria and the staff at the kitchen, the team loaded up and traveled to El Platanal where Dr. Karla treated nearly 70 people. The total patients served this week were just under 500.

The beautiful people in El Platanal enjoyed home made stew, compliments of Pastor Reynaldo and Roger. The older children entered into a very competitive game of soccer with the ministry team while the younger ones colored, had their nails painted, and jumped rope.

The day ended with a hike to the top of the Mountain of Prayer where we witnessed a beautiful part of God’s creation.

We prepare to return to Managua on Friday following the radio ministry. As we do so we know we can relive the blessing of the week in our minds as we read our journals on the journey home.