Nica news Day 2

The morning we were blessed with today was glorious. Birds were singing in the trees outside and we were all captivated by the morning’s splendor and we drank our Nicaraguan coffee. The boys went on a run and became acquainted with the dogs and roosters at the mission complex. Our daily devotion was Matthew 4:18-20 and focused on our identity, faith, and our response to that faith as we go through our week in Nicaragua.

At 8 o’clock Tony, Megan, Derek, and Lawson went to the Principa de Paz radio station to give their testimonies, which reached 3 countries in Central America. Being able to tell that story over the radio was incredible. There will be another group going tomorrow as well. This morning the whole team went to the riverbed to shovel out two truckloads of sand to make concrete for the foundation for a house. The concrete will be poured in a few days. While we were working we saw many herds of cows coming to what was left of the river to drink and cool off. The cows here have the biggest floppy ears!

This afternoon we went to the village of Laredo. The first thing we noticed was the huge baseball field that was next to all of the houses. When the truck stopped all of the children ran up. The boys sprinted off to play baseball and the girls ran up and grabbed our hands to make friends, paint nails, and braid hair. There was one point in the afternoon when we looked over to baseball field and saw the guys circled up praying with the village boys and young men. During our time in the village we feel that we had a special connection with the people there and watching God work there today was incredible. God Bless