Today in Nicaragua was an exceptionally eventful day. the missionaries started out the morning with a brief devotion on the fruits of the spirit, followed by an excellent breakfast of fried eggs. After that, several team members went to the radio station to share their testimony, and to sing and play during a time of brief worship. When they returned, the groups split up, the girls went to a village called El Platanal, while the guys stayed at Casa de Shelly. ————While the girls were doing these activities with the villagers as an outreach activity, the guys were busy doing work at Casa de Shelly. There is no shortage of things to do in Casa de Shelly, whether it be a goat-pin that is in sore need of repair, hay that needs to be spread, or piles of trash and dung that need to be dumped, the missionaries were up for the task. The heat was particularly bad today. It seemed hotter than either of the last two days. Whether it was the humidity or the heat, or more likely a combination of both, it was hot. On the upside however, there was no earthquake today, and we did not have to push our trucks up a hill like yesterday.

The drive down to the village was beautiful, and surprisingly clean. The mountains we were driving through were nothing like the blue ridge that we know, but beautiful all the same. when we arrived at the village, everyone was taken aback by how clean the village was. A storm however was brewing on the horizon. After the missionaries got set up, the community flooded out of the woodwork to meet us. A lot of things got set up very quickly, and with the threat of an impending storm, the makeshift medical clinic set up in the church across the street from where the trucks set up. After we shared testimonies and served the soup to the townspeople, we distributed both throw bags full of supplies to the townspeople and had enough leftover to throw out to the kids on the side of the road on our ride out. Luckily for us, the rain held off and we had no problems interacting with the townspeople, but of course, is there a such thing as luck when doing God’s work? All-in-all it was an great day, and the Kingdom of God grew in it, both in us the missionaries and in the townspeople who made professions of faith!