What a blessing to serve early this week in the villages of Pascuala, San Miguelito and Casa Blanca. The mission teams from Bedrock Roanoke and North Main Baptist began Monday by bringing the gospel to the village school in Pascuala. The villagers of Pascuala came together with the missionaries to clean, cut grass in the school yard and pick up rocks to fix the entrance to the school. Another part of the mission team performed a drama of the parable of the lost sheep from Luke 15. The students and teachers were hungry to hear about the Good Shepherd, Jesus, that cares for each one of them us. The gospel reached the heart of several students who accepted Jesus as their Savior. The people of the villages brought there bowls to receive a healthy soup. As missionaries from the states we are reminded daily of resources that we so often take for granted. It is truly an honor to serve here in Nicaragua and with Because We Care Ministries. It is here in Somotillo that we strive to follow the words of Jesus that he spoke to his disciples, "If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all."

Pastor training continued today in Choluteca, Honduras. Pastor Fred led the morning session teaching inductive Bible study methods for large portions of scripture. These include biographical studies, book studies and thematic studies. In the afternoon session, Pastor Donald led the student on how to prepare a sermon. We had 34 pastors in attendance at this site and will continue at two other sites the next two days. The pastors are eager to attend and learn how to better communicate the truths of the Bible to their parishioners.