The morning started off great as Zach and Kyle led the morning devotion. Eight missionaries went to the radio station to sing and share their testimonies. After we got back, the girls went door to door in the barrio of La Barrera. They shared their personal stories, invited them to church (Principe de Paz Baptist Church), and handed out clothes, toys, and food. Half of the boys went to the river bed and loaded the truck with sand that they will use to make concrete… the other half dug up three inches of the ground under the carport in order for the BWCM bus to fit. After lunch, we went to the village of Jinocuao where we served stew, played games with the children, painted nails, made balloon animals, played soccer/volleyball and shared the Gospel using the eBall. Before we left, we passed out dresses made out of pillowcases for the young girls and gave globe balls to the boys. Continue to pray for strength and boldness to share the Gospel to all we connect with. We love you.