Blessings from Somotillo, Nicaragua……. I wanted to give you a heads up on an event that is going to take place by the Latino worship team from Liberty U that served with BWCM here in Somotillo last year. They are doing a concert at FBC Roanoke on Oct. 9th at 6pm. Libertad is partnering with BWCM to promote "Manna Fest" through their concerts and love offering during the months of Oct. and Nov. I would greatly appreciate it if you would get the word our to your church family and friends. I would also like to extend a personnel invitation to all the "Family of Faith" in the Roanoke area. So very excited by what God is doing through Libertad, Dr Gary Mathena, Dr Leon Neto and Because We Care Ministry.

In His Grace, Donald and Pamcleardot.gif