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Hola from Nicaragua!

Our mission team of twenty-three people from Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, Virginia has enjoyed serving Nicaragua this week. We are grateful for the roots Because We Care Ministries has planted here that have allowed us to fellowship and serve thousands of miles away from home. Some in our group have been here multiple times before, for some it was the first trip, some are kids, some are teenagers, and some are grandparents, but we were able to join in love for the sake of the gospel. Goodbye will be difficult, but the people of Nicaragua have filled us with a joy we will never forget.

Our team arrived to Managua on Friday night. Saturday allowed us a full day to embrace the entire Nicaragua experience. We visited Volcano Masaya and explored the city of Grenada. The day gave us an opportunity to bond as a mission team. There could be no better display of God’s power than overlooking an active volcano, beginning the week with a worship-filled perspective.

On Sunday, we quickly dove into worship and serving when we arrived at Casa De Shelly in Somotillo. Seeing the spirit of worship in the people here through a village worship service we provided in Las Liras de Paso Hondo and through church at Principe de Paz Baptist Church was a highlight of our week. There is unity in the body of Christ that gives us the power to come together to worship our God, even in different languages.

The radio was down this week, but we didn’t let that to stop us from sharing our testimonies and worshipping together. We spent each morning sharing our stories and singing as a mission team here at Casa De Shelly.

The men of the group worked hard Monday through Wednesday morning on preparing the floor and laying block on a house for Ms.Virginia, a deserving woman in need of a home. Meanwhile, the women visited the schools of Casablanca, Pascuala, and the Baptist School at Principe de Paz to engage with the children, share the gospel, and give them school supplies.

On Thursday we all were able to visit door-to-door in the village of La Barrera. Mr. Don led us through a gospel training class throughout the week and we were able to apply what we learned to extend God’s love to the people we met, pray for their families, invite them to church, and give them food.

We visited a different village each afternoon to show love, play with the children, give a hot meal, share the Good News, and provide medical care. We were blessed by our visits to the villages of Cana Fistola, La Flor, Las Mesas, and Villa Esperanza. Our team was overwhelmed by the joy of the people here. Though their lives are full of hardship, they are content and happy. We loved seeing the smiling children waiting by the road as we threw candy and clothes from the back of the truck.

Each of us will leave with a suitcase full of special memories. As Mr. Don has told us many times, blessings follow obedience. We have truly experienced many blessings this week. Though we came to serve the people here, they have served us with their faith, love, and gratitude. We look forward to returning home to continue our mission.

God Bless,
The Cornerstone Community Church Mission Team

About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. To the north it is bordered by Honduras, and to the south by Costa Rica. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, partly because of the long civil war of the 1980’s and the devastation caused by hurricane Mitch in 1998. The vast majority of the five million inhabitants live in abject poverty with many suffering from severe malnutrition and starvation.

Church Resources

Here is a link to download a video file that you can show in your church to introduce our ministry and share about the work we are doing in Nicaragua. Right-Click here and choose save to download the video file to your computer. The video is also located on Vimeo.

Our Ministry

This ministry helps people meet their chief need for a Savior, while also helping to meet the critical physical needs of hunger, poor substandard housing, shortage of water, lack of schools and education, lack of churches and pastor sponsorship. We offer general economic, healthcare, and emergency relief. To date we have helped feed tens of thousands of hungry people with hundreds of tons of food.

Download our Mission Trip Prayer Journal

We have developed a mission trip prayer journal to use during your trip. We encourage you to print this out and review before the trip, and then use as a journal during your trip.
Download the PDF

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone with the desire to minister to hurting people in another culture can volunteer! Experience is helpful but not required. The ability to speak Spanish would be a plus, but we always have interpreters who assist in our work. Each team spends about a week in country ministering to the Nicaraguan people in some of the more remote villages.If you are interested in learning more, please contact us to discover if you can become part of this wonderful work.