Nica News 9/18

Day 4 – Today was a terrific day!! God continues to amaze and bless us as a team. We traveled 1900 plus miles from Virginia to Nicaragua ……only to see one of our own team members make a profession of faith!! One of our teenaged team members accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

That was a great way to start the day and it only got better from there. We returned to Pascuala, where we were the day before digging in the muddy, clumping soil to dig footers for a house. We returned today to pour the concrete in the footers. The men went and shoveled the sand onto the truck and then headed to the construction site where we were greeted by the men and women of the village. The men worked on the concrete along with us and the women carried water from a nearby stream for the concrete mixer. We worked well together and rapidly completed our task.

After lunch we headed to a remote boarder village called El Ojoche. We entered the church and participated in a baby dedication service led by Pastor Donald. Our team was able to present the babie’s mom with a Children’s Picture Bible in Spanish. What an amazing difference we could see in El Ojoche and some of the other villages from the days before. The people were not swarming the truck, but patiently awaited the food as we served they were going amongst themselves making sure everyone had eaten before we began to dispense seconds. The difference was LEADERSHIP. This village had a leader, a Pastor who loved his people and leads them well. Many of the team purchased pottery from the village’s co-op pottery sculptors. This is just one of the evidences that building leaders and planting churches with qualified leaders has a positive effect on the entire village.

Overwhelmed with HIS Goodness

Nica News 9/17

Today was a very enlightening day of ministry. For our Brother Don, it was doing what he does best, becoming all things to all men so that he could be as Paul in I Corinthians 10:22, "to win some." For our team, it was learning to get out of our comfort zone to learn to love literally where the people were as we visited in Pascuala. The rain had poured the night before we arrived in the village where the men would be digging footers and tying rebar to build a home. As we arrived, many men were already digging in the torrentially rain soaked mud. They set the pace and the example for the team. Curious eyes came to watch in swarms. Children with dirty hands and feet eagerly took the coloring books and crayons to color beautiful pictures. The priceless gifts to them was a torn out page that soon was colored with whatever color they happen to get. The chickens had taken cover for the night in their homes. I asked a mom if she got wet when it rained. "Oh, yes, she said." While men trampled in mud, digging trenches for concrete, our job was to entertain the kids. Thoughts of, "How do I relate to a people who have nothing?" I can feed them for a day, but they need Jesus. One young teen stood with her mom and watched the children as they gathered around the others for their coloring treat. Her mother said that her husband was in the military and only came home every 2 -3 months. I asked her how she had food for her 3 children. She said she washed clothes for someone. Robyn and the interpreter asked her if they eat every day. She said, "Yes, sometimes we can eat 3 times a day." Then we asked about today. She shared that a neighbor had given them some milk this morning. We had just left the ministry compound with our bellies full. Why would we get to eat and not her? We shared with this girl and her mom about Jesus. The mother was interested in if we could give her medicine, but she listened. The young girl was very interested in what we said, but then said she already knew Jesus. I guess we are not too good at assessing hearts. I was impressed by this young girl. She was only 16, but her maturity had come by trying to learn to survive. A church was across from her home. Perhaps she knew Christ from someone else sharing. The men worked hard, but as our time came to a close, they left the men who were there in the beginning working hard to finish the job THEY had started.

Before we embarked on our next adventure that would begin after lunch, Don graciously gave us a tour of what God had led him to do. Don realized that he could feed people, but they needed to learn to feed themselves. Never having been a farmer, Don became what God wanted him to do to reach the Nicaraguan people. He became a farmer. He raises chickens, rabbits, goats, and sheep. He also raises fruits and vegetables. He then trains others to become self-sustaining. Don realizes that everything cannot be free. The people must be willing to work for a living. He helps those who are willing to learn. Don saw the medical needs of the people, so he is opening a clinic. This is when we saw Don as an example of Paul, becoming all things to all men so he might reach some for Christ. Whatever the need, Don is ready.

Loading up our truck with oranges, candy, and soccer balls, we threw them to the children who heard we were coming to their village. Children lined the roads hoping to be the one to get a special treat. When we arrived at the village, mothers, children, and a few fathers were filling the area. While Kelli, Beamer, Gabi, and many of the crew placed stickers on the children, Steve, Tina and others gave out tie-dyed t-shirts, pillowcase dresses, flip flops, bubbles, and cross necklaces. These people were from the village of La Perla/Puma. The women gathered near the houses and they were told the Gospel message. Did anyone really get it? That is up to the Lord. Meanwhile, Brother Don was cooking a pot of stew that would hopefully feed the whole village. Many had no bowels. They had come a long ways to see the "Gringos". They knew we were coming. They did not realize we would be feeding them. We did bring some bowels, but not enough for everyone. Mothers were asked to line up to receive the food. Mothers would not let their children do without. They would make sure their family was fed. The wisdom of Don was great as he showed us what to do when there seemed to not be enough. One young boy had a bowl, but no food. I felt so sad, and slid him a piece of candy for his pocket. Don told me not to worry, he would get food. I turned around and there stood his mom with a pot full that she shared with him.

The exciting thing about today was that the Gospel was shared. Dan and Roger shared with the men; Brenda and Robyn spoke to the women. We both had interpreters and many heard the Gospel message. May we be the hands and feet of Jesus as we learn more in the coming days to be what God has called us to be.

Nica News

Isaiah 58:10

10 if you pour yourself out for the hungry
and satisfy the desire of the afflicted,
then shall your light rise in the darkness
and your gloom be as the noonday.

It’s very hard to believe but it is "Manna Fest" season once more. For all of those that are new to Because We Care, during the Christmas Season we purchase bags of food to distribute. Each bag will feed a family of six for about a week. Please see attached photo’s. These bags are purchased from a local vendor and will be distributed in the Somotillo area. We will be collecting funds through Sept. and Oct. Prayerfully consider what God would have you do. In His Service, Donald and Pamela

Nica News

2 Corinthians 9:8
And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

Early last week I introduced you to an elder lady that was in desperate need of help. I found out late last week that she was living in the house because she had no where else to go.
Late last week BWCM provided the money to order trusses for the much needed roof repair. The trussed have been ordered and will be delivered in 2 weeks. I asked Mike at Building Integrity to schedule volunteers to help get the roof done as soon as the trusses are delivered.
Our need is for SKILLED LABOR and funding to finish the roof and protect the house before cold weather. Would you please buy a sheet of plywood, a bundle of shingles, a roll of felt paper or a pound of nails. Together in CHRIST

Special Needs Request

John 15:12 – "This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.

Last week I stood on the porch at Casa De Shelly in Somotillo Nicaragua and listened to 4 schools teachers that were asking for help in building their houses. My response was very simple, I can only respond to the things that GOD has commanded me to do. We have built many houses in Nicaragua over the past several years and if God provides the funds then we will build them houses one at a time.
Pam and I returned home on Saturday and I was praying as we traveled about what God would have us to do over the next three weeks while home. It didn’t take long to get an answer. There is a lady here in Roanoke (Ginny Owens) that had a huge tree fall on her house back in June and it turns out that she doesn’t have any insurance and is suffering from MS. Friends of ours from Building Integrity covered the house and dried it out after the tree was removed. Now it is ready for repairs and there is NO material and NO money.
I’m reaching out to our BWCM family for money and help. Mike Patrouch, owner of Building Integrity estimates the cost of material to repair the house will be around $20,000.00. Mike is also helping to coordinate teams if you or your church family would like to volunteer. If you would like to contribute please send funds to our PO Box and we will apply 100% towards these repairs. If you would like to volunteer just e-mail Mike at

A life surrendered to Jesus is a life of SERVICE and SACRIFICE

In His Love Donald

Nica news8/13

Waking up to a [former] Marine Drill Instructor, Donald, continues to challenge us on a day-to-day basis. Today’s agenda of serving the Lord’s call to service consisted of giving our testimonies over the radio, continuing construction on a church, visiting another local school, and providing service and a meal for an entire village.

As is the case every day, we are blessed to be given a wonderful breakfast to give us the energy to serve our Lord. Following breakfast, four missionaries and our resident musician, Keith, venture to the local radio station. In today’s case, however, we encountered issues with power for the radio station, thus delaying our transmission until later in the evening. With the help of the translators on staff for Because We Care Ministries, our message of testament is heard throughout the Somotillo area. With this, everyone with a radio, even those on the mountaintop, can hear us and become inspired.

Construction continued on the church at a village located over twenty minutes from the Casa de Shelly. Today’s venture consisted of picking up various supplies including red paint for the steelwork and gasoline to help run the generator for welding purposes. Our trip also brought to the workers four bags of concrete, a wheelbarrow, and a few shovels. With our help the people in the village will have a physical location to worship the lord.


The women went to the Special Needs school and found that the teachers were training and the students left school early. We were disappointed but we’ll return tomorrow.

After a long ride down a bumpy dirt road we spotted a child that ran out of the school (Casa Blanca) we came to. The little boy ran inside. When he returned, many came out of the building and were jumping up and down. We knew we were in the right place. One even rode her bicycle out to make sure we knew where to walk. The children were so polite, smiling and absorbing every word we were saying. We made bracelets, gave supplies to the teacher, sang songs, played soccer and introduced the children to kite flying. So fun and we were so blessed.

Later in the afternoon we visited a village approximately twenty minutes from the Casa de Shelly. There we provided many activities for the youth such as coloring books, face painting, nail painting, and even ball launching with a ‘caramellow,’ (candy) reward for those whom caught the ball. Soon we began a cotton candy challenge, and also handed our cotton candy to the village. Finally, dinner was served from the soup bowl, which fed most of the villagers.

What can be most difficult, yet can be the most rewarding, is when our missionaries throw candy, toys, clothing, soap, and various supplies to the villagers on the side of the road. Although it may feel as if we are degrading them, they greatly benefit from our seemingly small donations. As is always the case, no matter how much we collect to donate to them, we often run out of supplies, leaving many villagers without anything to have.

Above all, we are so blessed each day with the people in Nicaragua! God is so good! We are humbled!

Nica News 8/12

17 years ago I married my best friend. That same year we were given a copy of the EE-Taow story by New Tribes Mission. It’s an amazing story of how one village way back in the bush came to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ. "EE-Taow" in their language means "It’s True". My new bride and I sat in our new little apartment with tears streaming down our faces as we watched the Gospel transform an entire village of people. In that moment we surrendered to be a couple that would be committed to missions in whatever way God called us. This past Saturday, August 10, my wife and I celebrated our 17 year wedding anniversary. It started at 4:00am to make the drive with our two oldest children to the airport with a mission team. Mission team? Yep… you got it… a mission team heading to Nicaragua with BWCM. Through the years we’ve been blessed to travel on numerous mission trips. Now, as our children grow in life we pray that they grow in their knowledge and experience in walking with Christ on His Mission.

Therefore, our two oldest (10 & 12) are with us on our wedding anniversary mission trip. Missions has become part of our parenting plan. Today on the mission field here in Nicaragua I had the privilege to shovel sand from a dry riverbed into a truck to be taken to the site of a new church plant. My wife, our two children, and several others from the mission team traveled to a school to minister to children.

Upon my return from the labor of "sand detail" I heard that my son shared the gospel with a group of children and some surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. As soon as he saw me he ran to tell me what God had done!

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

To God be the glory! Make missions a part of your life…and for sure… make it a part of your parenting plan.

Nica News 8/9

Well we finished up the week with another fantastic day on the mission field. Some of the team members were able to go paint Mr. Julio’s house and finish all of the final touches so that he was able to move in. What a blessing it was seeing the pride in his face as the team finished the last paint strokes on the inside of his new home. This morning some of the other team members were able to go to Casa Blanca and share the Word of God using the parachute and the wordless book. We were able to hand out packets of food and spend time with each individual family. Before we went out this afternoon two of our team members were baptized in the river. We had an amazing time watching them be obedient to God in believer’s baptism while they were serving on the mission field.

This afternoon we were able to go to Villa Esperanza. When we arrived they were extremely excited to see us, we began to cook the soup and before we new it we had quite the crowd. Children were playing with the parachute, the girls were busy engaging with other little girls while they painted their nails and the boys were having fun playing soccer with some of our team. When we got ready to serve the food you could truly see how hungry the people were. As they crowded around the pot, even teenagers came up and asked for a bowl of food. We passed out packets of food to each of the families and we were able to distribute clothes to each of the children. What an amazing experience we had handing those bowls of food to the hungry people and giving them a chance to enjoy themselves.

God is so good and he provided every need this week. We saw his hand in everything that we did and everywhere we went. It never ceases to amaze us what happens when we back off and let God show off and do his thing. This week the team was able to truly experience God this week through serving and through sharing the word of God. Thank you for your continued prayers this week for our team and please continue to lift us up as we travel to Managua tomorrow and then home on Sunday. Also, please lift up the other team that will be traveling tomorrow to spend the week serving.

Nica News 8/8/2013

Good evening from Somotillo Nicaragua! We had another amazing day on the mission field. We started our morning off by sending some team members to the radio, where they were able to share their testimonies and sing a song. When they returned, some of the men headed to Villa Esperanza to clean around Mr. Julio’s new house to get it ready for painting. The girls headed to a school where we were able to share the gospel using the wordless book through our parachute. We were able to hand out little bracelets to each child as well as give out school supplies to the principal of the school. This afternoon we headed to a new village called “The Pearl.” We started off with around thirty people and then by the time we served the soup we had over a hundred people there. They were coming from every direction with their bowl for food and all of their children. We spent time engaging with the families and playing games with the children. Chris Dowd was able to share a message about how Jesus bridged the gap and many prayed to receive Christ for the very first time. It is obvious that God is up to something and we look forward to making a relationship with the pastor in the village and working with them more in the future.

Continue to pray for our team as we spend one final day out on the mission field in Somotillo tomorrow. Pray that God would continue to reveal Himself to the team members as well as the people that we come in contact with. And pray for safety as we travel to Managua on Saturday and then back home on Sunday. Another team will be on their way to continue the work that has been done this week. It will be hard to leave but we leave confident that the Lord is doing amazing things through Because We Care Ministries and it is a wonderful thing to play a small part in what God is doing here.