Nica News 8/5

What a great day to be on the mission field. After a good nights rest and a great breakfast we began to make our way to Somotillo Nicaragua. We started our trip off in La Carreta, where we began soccer games with the boys and fingernail polish painting with the girls. We ended up having a watermelon eating competition with some of the locals in the village. The men were first and the winner received a brand new soccer ball. Then we had the little girls compete for two bottles of fingernail polish. After we had finished with our competitions we began serving everybody in the village watermelon while the chicken stew was boiling. While we were waiting on the food to be ready some of the girls were busy getting their nails done and we were able to stare the gospel with them using the wordless book. The girls listened intently as the story was told and then repeated back to us what each color meant. When the food was ready we were able to pour each person their own bowl of chicken stew, their eyes were wide as we spooned two large helpings of stew into their bowls. What a blessing it was handing each person a meal.

When you leave for a mission trip, most people tell you what a blessing you are going to be to the people that you will be ministering to, and what a difference you will make in their lives. What people don’t understand unless they have been on the mission field, is that the people that are being ministered to are the real blessing. Looking into the eyes of a hungry person while you hand them a hot bowl of stew is one of the most rewarding things this side of heaven. But getting to share the gospel with people that need the truth and desire to hear the truth is where the true blessing lies. We were able to minister to the least of these today and be a blessing to someone else, and in doing so they blessed us more than they could ever know. More to come tomorrow, God is so good and He is up to something wonderful with this team. We are excited to see what He does. Your prayers are always appreciated!

Nica News FLG

This morning we heard from our final team members over the radio. The radio time this week has been a blessing to everyone. A big thank you to Dalton Moore for leading our worship team this week. Today began our final day in Somotillo, before we head off to Corinto for an All-Star game and a kids clinic.

Game #8 featured a new community that Don (Because We Care Ministries) and the local church is trying to reach. The name of the community is Chaguite. This could have been the best pitcher we have seen all week. We went with our #8 starter. Harold Cheridieu took the mound and was very excited to get the chance to pitch. He started off great with a quick 3 innings. Giving up only 2 runs. At the plate we were confused, sluggish, and we were being challenged. We jumped out to a 1-0 lead thanks to Mark Mortimer’s solo home run in the second inning. After three innings we were up 3-2. The fourth inning rolled around and our pitching began to get tired. We squeezed through the 4th and added a run in the 5th. Extending our lead to 4-2. The bottom of the 5th rolls around and they jump on us and take a 5-4 lead. Jim Wagner comes in the 6th and closes the door. We trailed 5-4 heading into the 7th. We once again rallied in the 7th scoring 7 runs. Jim Wagner closes the game in the 7th and collects the win. Final score FLG 11 and Chaguite 5. Top performers: Harold Cheridieu 5 innings pitched. Matt Swedenburg and Raphael Trinidad both went 3-4. Austin Biggar came in and went 2-2 with 2 doubles.

Game number 2 featured FLG and El Paguil. We have faced this team the last three years. This game turned quickly into a slugfest. We scored 9 runs in the first and they put up 5. We added 2 more in the second. Drew Cassidy started on the mound for us (our #9 starter) and he quickly settled down and blanked them in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th innings. After 4 innings we led 12-5. Cassidy was getting tired in the 5th and gave up 4 runs. El Paguil cut the lead to 12-9. Drew hung in there and finished the game. Throwing our first complete game of the week. The final score was 15-14. It was close. Top performers: Drew Cassidy – Complete Game, Mark Mortimer & Jason Hall both went 3-4. Austin Biggar went 3-3 w/ walk.

Today was a wonderful day from beginning to end. This trip used the tool of baseball as the way to bring the name of Christ to communities that needed to hear His name. To hear the message of hope.

Tomorrow we travel to Corinto to touch a new place. We will be playing in an All-Star Game and will have a great opportunity to introduce the Love of Christ by using the game of baseball and the engaging team. What a great opportunity! Please continue to pray for safety and opportunity.

nica news (Engage team)

Today we visited two schools. At each stop we engaged the kids with coloring, crafts and soccer. The poor conditions were again evident in the classrooms and overall facility conditions. We were able to present the Gospel and cultivate what previous teams have done.

We joined the baseball team after lunch and were able to work with the children while the team played. Were also presented the Gospel story and this time had Pastor Reynaldo, the local Baptist pastor, follow up and encourage those who aren’t already attending a church to do so.

Some also toured the training center at Casa de Shelley where we’re staying. This is where locals have the opportunity to learn simple farming, raise chickens, sheep, goats and rabbits as a step to be self-sufficient regarding their basic food needs. While the needs in this community are immense, it is very encouraging to know Because we Care Ministries is making a profound impact in people’s lives.

Nica News For Love of the Game

For Love of the Game Day 3 update:

Today once again started and ended well. The radio team displayed the Love of Christ through worship and testimonies. The Lord has truly blessed the team in more ways than we ever realized. The worship has been authentic and genuine. The teams hearts are exposed every morning and evening. Thank you team. Today we took residence in a community called El Laredo. We had both teams together serving the community. It was nice to see both teams (baseball and engaging) working side by side.

The first game was the best game of the week thus far. Top of the first inning Jim Wagner (Linda Tinsley Wagner) blasted one into the woods. We took a 1-0 lead. We lost the lead in the second. We trailed 4-1. The 4th inning rolled around and we were trailing 8-1. We knocked ourselves out of the inning when we hit into a inning ending triple play! Dalton Moore pitched great but the field conditions and our defense did not get along. The 5th inning rolls around and we struck. Thanks to Will Simpson andCason Caldwell Jennifer Barron Caldwell both produced runs. Cason hit a 3 run double. We drew closer. Trailed 8-4. The inning continued and we saw home runs from Austin Biggar and Steve Klaiber. We walked out to the bottom half of the 5th with a 9-8 lead. We brought Jordan Kelly into the game in the middle of the 4th. Jordan held them scoreless in the 4th, 5th, and 6th inning. We came in and scored a few more runs to stretch our lead to 16-8. We brought Jim Wagner in for the 7th and held off a semi rally. The final score was 18-10. We moved to 4-0. Top performers from the game included Raphael Trinidad, Cason Caldwell, Will Simpson, and Steve Klaiber. Jordan Kelly recorded his second win of the week.

The second game was quick. La Pascuala was not quite ready for us. We threw our secret weapon. "Oso Blanco" Shane Carr. He went two scoreless innings. We won 12-0. We had a quick surge of home runs. Jordan Kelly and Dalton Moore both hit home runs. The game ended after two innings.

El Laredo wanted to play again. We suited up and agreed to play two innings. We had been out there from 9am and it was 1:30pm. Oso Blanco went out and threw 2 more innings. We finished the two innings ahead 4-1.

Today was a hot day. It was also the longest day. The team did a great job. We heard Peyton Bembry share his story to the teams. We asked each player to take a few players off to the side and have a personal time of prayer with the players. They prayed for the player and their family.

Listening to the testimonies and prayers by the players is something special and unique. I am very thankful for their willingness and boldness. God is good. Cannot wait for tomorrow.

Nica news Engage Team

Today, the "engage" team started at the community of El Dorado with the baseball team. This community was rebuilt by the Swiss Red Cross after it was destroyed by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. It was a community event as everyone came out to watch. Part of the team worked with the smaller children coloring and playing soccer. We visited an elementary school that was adjacent to the ball field. We also prepared a large amount of chicken stew to feed approximately 250 people there.

After lunch we went to the village of San Francisco. On the way there, we again distributed clothes to people lining the streets. Kids again flocked the bus as we drove up. We colored, had a lot of fun with water balloons and sang. We had the opportunity to share a testimony and presented the Gospel story. Afterwards, we passed out rice and protein packs. Hunger is a big problem and it was evident when I was trying to get a 5 year old girl that was sitting in my lap to smile. When my limited Spanish was getting me nowhere, I asked a translator why she wasn’t smiling. She stated that she wasn’t smiling was because she was hungry. Fortunately we had an extra pack of cookies that eventually produced a smile.

It was a blessing to meet some immediate physical needs and show the love of Christ through the Gospel

Nica News 7/29

FLG Engaging Team update. Written by Scott Simpson.

Our group first went to a special needs school. Immediately we recognized the bad physical condition of the school and the lack of funds they probably have to work with. While it is hard to live with a physical or mental handicap, the condition only magnified in a third world country. Little distinction appeared to be made with those with physical and mental disabilities as the blind, deaf and mentally handicapped appeared to be grouped together.

Our group spent time coloring, painting the girls’s fingernails and played ball with the boys. Our group then gave a brief presentation of the gospel story. While we don’t know how much many could comprehend, hopefully they could feel the love of Christ through the time we spent together.

Our second stop was at El Jicarito School. Again, the lack of money the teachers have to work with was very evident in this elementary school. Tattered books, old desks and the overall setting was humbling when compared to the schools our children attend. We again gave a presentation of the gospel and then spent a while playing soccer with the boys. The others in our group worked with the girls coloring and fingernail painting.

Finally we visited the village of Jinocuaito. Along the way, we were able to toss candy and clothing at children and adults that were along the roadside. Their poverty was evident when we saw old and young alike dash for items that were tossed in their direction. The community was very impoverished with dirt roads and poorly constructed homes. It was again humbling to see their smiles for a group that came to visit. We played soccer with the boys while others did the activities with the girls and smaller kids. We were then surprised to see that our guys were challenged to a game of soccer by the ladies of the village. They were very worthy opponents. We gave the gospel story and the passed out rice and protein packs to the residents as we left.

It was a blessing to see how God used us today.

Nica News

The week is coming to an end for the Huddleston crew. Time has flown by as always, and we can only hope that many lives were touched by the grace of God this week. This morning we sent another crew to the radio to share their songs and testimonies. After the radio, our morning crews split up. The men headed out to complete the Baptist field, and the girls set out for the village of Villa Esperanza. In village the girls engaged the children once more with games, tattoos, and more crafts. And once again they preformed their Ziccheaus skit, but because they were lacking a few key characters, they requested some of the Villagers play the rolls.

After lunch the team worked together to fill hundreds of water balloons for their final village of the week, Pascuala. Once in Pascuala, the team began with the skit, the engaging began and a meal was served. The Gringos showed off their soccer and baseball skills, or lack there of, in the streets with the children. It is always great to see how the simplest things such as a soccer ball bring all together as one, despite color or race. Next came the ultimate water balloon war, and when I say war I mean WAR. The children were thrilled to make the missionaries as wet as possible, and they even helped clean up the balloon pieces afterwards.

Tomorrow the Huddleston team will say their goodbyes and head back on the “big bird bus” to Managua. They will then catch their flight home to the states Sunday morning. It was a privilege to see God’s work done this week and the spiritual growth that the members have endured.

Nica News

Hola Amigos,

Here is another report on the daily events the Huddleston Team has been apart of. As always we took a group to the radio station. Here we heard three touching testimonies, a beautiful song sung in both Spanish and English, and a preaching of a lifetime. It is always touching to hear what God has done in our missionaries’ lives. After the radio we packed our bags and headed to another to the village of La Fragu to work on their local field. The first sight of this field was a little intimidating, but we all pulled together, including the villagers, and got the job done. There weren’t many children and women this time, so most everyone was doing hard, laborious work. It was a blessing to see how we turned the field around!

After a delicious lunch (as always), we filled our water balloons and set out for the village of El Ojoche. It was a bit of a ride, but once we arrived the missionaries knew exactly what to do. We began with water balloon games that quickly became a water balloon war. The children loved it, as did the missionaries. Jesus tattoos were placed on the children’s arms, bubbles were blown, and of course the boys engaged in a soccer game in the streets, all while the men prepared the stew. After all the villagers claimed their meal, one of the Huddleston missionaries, Bob, told the bible story of the crippled man that was lowered through the roof in order to see Jesus, and the others acted it out.

Today was a wonderful day! We have made it to the middle of the week and already we have touched so many lives and we can only hope that we can touch even more with the few days left with the Huddleston Team!

Nica News 7/23


Today we started with a wonderful broadcast at the radio station. Four testimonies were given and two beautiful songs were sung. After we set off for the village of Laredo. Here we restored the baseball field to ensure that it will be ready for next week’s missionary group, For the Love of the Game. They are a College/High School Baseball Team that will be traveling from village to village challenging the villagers. The men of the village were eager to help and are looking forward to participating in the game next week. While the men prepared for next week the girls engaged with the women and children. We made foam visors and involved the children again in the skit of Zaccheaus. This time however, we allowed the children to act out the parts. When the kids returned to school, the focus was then turned to the women. After speaking with them, the response was very touching. One woman even brought forth her daughter for prayer. After our testimonies were shared we then headed home for lunch.

Our second village was El Plantanal. Here we did our skit again for the children, made balloon animals, played soccer in the streets, and painted more fingernails. As always it was such a blessing to see how touched the villagers were because of our presence.

Nica News 7/22

Hello from Casa de Shelly,

Today the Huddleston Team traveled from Managua to Somotillo. After quickly settling in at the casa and grabbing a delicious lunch, we headed out to the village of La Flor. There we engaged with the villagers with games of soccer, volleyball, monkey in the middle, and the fine art of fingernail painting. Once everyone was hot and sweaty, we took a break under a tree and told the story of Zacchaeus through an interactive skit. The children seemed to really enjoy the sight of Davie (a member of the team) climbing a tree. After an enjoyable skit, we shared the story of salvation and explained the power of God’s everlasting love. We wrapped up the visit with a tasty stew, and quick round of soccer. All together it was a very eventful and fulfilling day and we are all looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us tomorrow.