Nica News 1/23

"Jesus called them (disciples) to him and said, 'Allow the children to come to me. Don't forbid them because God's kingdom belongs to people like these children.'" (Luke 18:16 CEB).

Today was a full day, starting with wakeup at 6:00. Following breakfast and devotions, it was on to the radio station for the morning broadcast. Carla and Kim gave testimonies, and Owen gave a meditation centered on Isaiah 43:1-4. When we returned to the Casa, some shopped for groceries and others went to the clinic to clean up from ongoing construction. As a note of interest, the building of the clinic began in 2006, and we are hoping that construction will be complete by February. It has been a slow process due to funding and government regulations. After filling the truck with trash, we took a trip to the landfill where we unloaded the trash, and in the process, presented testimony and distributed mannafest bags to several whom we met there. To further explain, it is important that you realize that citizens will scavenge the landfill for any possible food that might have been dumped there. 

After lunch the team took a L-O-N-G trip to the village of El Danto. A doctor accompanied us, seeing over 100 patients, distributing medicine and administering parasite medication. Other team members prepared a meal, played soccer, and jumped rope. They also painted fingernails, colored with the children, and painted faces. Several team members shared the gospel with various groups of villagers. A busy day, for sure. It is interesting to note that word had gone out earlier in the day to this remote area. There was no organized village, but instead a gracious family that allowed us to set up at their house while we waited for villagers to come great distances for medical services and food. There is such a great need throughout this country, and we pray each morning for discernment on how to meet some of that need and how to be faithful disciples.

Nica News 1/22

"I'm not ashamed of the gospel; it is God's own power for salvation to all who have faith in God . . . God's righteousness is being revealed in the gospel.. . " (Romans 1:16-17).
     A team from North Carolina arrived in Somotillo early this afternoon. Seven members of Bethany UMC in West Jefferson, NC,  and one member from First Baptist in Gatlinburg, TN, flew into Managua from Greensboro on Monday night. 
     After a lunch provided at the Casa, the team loaded up in two trucks and took the Good News and food to La Fragua. Carla did a cross craft activity with the children, and Donald, using three boys from the village, told the story of God's love and salvation through Jesus Christ: "God shows his love for us because while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8). Of course, we could not leave without painting the girls' and women's fingernails, giving the villagers bracelets, distributing meal packs, and cooking a big pot of stew. For those who have been on a mission team here, you will understand what we mean when we say that we "distributed" clothes, toys, and "caramelos" on our way into and from the village. 

Nica News 1/02

Another day in the mission field of Nicaragua ~ God is so good!  We began our morning with the regular radio broadcast and for the first time in the history of Because We Care Ministries, Dr. Gillette joined the team in our song!  The song of the morning was "Just a Little Talk with Jesus" and it was very fitting for this day, and every day.  We prayed that God would guide our path throughout the day and that we would be exactly where he wanted us to be and he did exactly that.

We spent the morning on the road to San Miguelito where we found many families that were hungry and in desperate need.  We distributed Manna Fest food bags to multiple families along with toys, candy and oranges.  These bags will feed an entire family for at least a week so you can imagine how excited they were to receive them.  Clearly, God led us down this road to minister to all of the families in need but one particular family caught the attention of the entire team.  When we pulled up in front of one house, a small girl and her younger brother came running out to get some food.  When we asked where their mother was, they told us that their mother was in the hospital.  After a few more questions, we determined that these children were at home alone and there was no food in the house.  A lady that lived nearby told us that she was looking after them but God certainly knew the desperation of these children and put them directly in our path today! Thank you Lord!

After the Manna Fest distribution, we headed out to Villa Esperanza.  We took the bounce house and the children of the village were ecstatic to see us coming.  They ran out of their houses to follow us down the road and watch the house being set up.  While the children played, we prepared the stew that they would later eat.  Once again, God provided more than enough! The line for stew was very long but after everyone's bowl had been filled, there was stew remaining in the pot!  Praise God that so many children and their parents were able to enjoy more than one bowl of the delicious stew!  

Although being able to provide for the physical needs of these children is a blessing to us all, the opportunity to share God's plan of salvation with the people of Nicaragua is the most important mission of this team.  We shared with each of the families on the road to San Miguelito and Villa Esperanza.  We prayed with many to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!  God is good!  

NicaNews 12/30

Another day on the mission field and today, God showed up in a big way!  The day began with prayer and Bible study among the team and we prayed for God's blessings on our efforts for the day.  We traveled to the market to purchase supplies to make stew in one of the villages and candy for the villagers.  Once we arrived back at Casa de Shelly, we prepared the ingredients for the stew and packed bags full of Christmas toys to be given to the children in La Flor.  In addition to the toys, we had three cases of shoes that were to be distributed to the children.  Once all of our preparations were complete, we headed out to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

En route to La Flor, we distributed candy and small toys to the villagers along the way.  When we arrived, the village was in the middle of their church service so, with the permission of their Pastor, we joined them.  Hearing of our arrival, children began arriving at the church anxious to see what we might have for them.  We shared the Word of God and the plan of salvation with the children and their parents and many prayed and asked Christ into their lives.  After sharing the gospel, we began to fit the children with their new shoes and distributed their Christmas goodies!  What a blessing to see their faces light up and hear their laughter! After we had given out all of the shoes and toys, we headed back to Casa de Shelly to replenish our supplies and grab some lunch.  Of course, when we arrived back at the house, we had the most delicious chicken tacos waiting for us.  Still excited from the morning's mission, we quickly ate and began to reload the truck with toys, candy and the ingredients for our stew.  Once we had all of the supplies in place, we headed out once again.

We drove several miles down a dirt road to the village of Laredo.  Secluded and far from town, the people of this village were more than happy to see us coming!  Upon arrival, we immediately began to engage the children with games, jump rope and sidewalk chalk.  As many of the team played with the children, others were beginning to prepare the stew.  It's hard to imagine the significance of the stew ~ people who haven't had fresh vegetables or meat for a very long time seemed to understand it clearly.  As the stew began to boil, the children and their parents ran into their homes and quickly returned with anything that they could carry their stew in ~ they knew it was time to eat!  The children formed two lines and waited patiently until it was their turn to receive their stew.  What a blessing to know that each and every person in Laredo will go to be tonight with a full tummy!

When we headed out to Laredo this afternoon, we had no way of knowing how many folks would turn out with their bowls for some stew but God knew exactly how much we needed and every bowl was filled.  When the last bowl was pushed forward for a ladle of stew, the pot was empty!  Clearly, God showed up when we needed him most and provided just what we needed for the people of Laredo.  Thank you Lord for your love and goodness!

Nica News 12/17

Isaiah 54:2

“Enlarge the place of your tent,
    and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out;
do not hold back; lengthen your cords
    and strengthen your stakes.

     Early 2012 found Pam, myself and several of our team members walking the property at the training center and asking GOD to show us how HE wanted us to "Enlarge the place of our tent."  While we were praying we actually wrote this verse on four stakes and placed them in the four corners of the property.  In my heart I know that GOD was leading us to reach deeper into the heart of Nicaragua, to build stronger relationships, and to reach more of the unreached in our part of the world.

    Pam and I want to THANK EACH OF YOU for your support and prayers.  2012 brought many new missionaries to Casa De Shelly.  As we began to stretch our tents we were very thankful for those that came alongside to support the work and help the Kingdom grow.  We praise GOD for the many teams already booked for 2013,  many of which will be "first timers."  We continue to pray that GOD will illuminate the minds and hearts of other churches and leaders to join BWCM in our Kingdom work in Nicaragua and Honduras.

     There is lots of "new life" at the training center as we close out 2012.  We have replaced all of our 300 chickens through the year so that we start out 2013 with a very young flock.  These chickens will continue to be used to help families learn to sustain life.  With the help of  several generous gifts we were able to completely replace both our sheep and goat herds.  We now have upgraded both herds to be of the highest quality possible to obtain in Nicaragua.  In the month of Dec. we had several newborn sheep and goats and all are doing very well.  Our prayer is that milk and cheese production can begin after the first of the year.  We will have to continue to grow both herds so that we can "stock" our trained families.

     Pastoral training will continue in both Somotillo Nicaragua and Choluteca Honduras in 2013.  We will also begin working with pastors in both Leon and Managua Nicaragua on a limited basis.  We do have plans in place to do three, one-day training sessions in various locations in Costa Rica.  These one-day sessions are designed to challenge the local Pastors to be the men of GOD that are leading their churches and growing the KINGDOM.


1.  We are working on a new well, pump and filer system for Casa De Shelly.  It has become necessary to drill a deep well to supply the house.

2.  We are praying for a new 30-passenger bus.  Transporting the teams from Managua to Somotillo has become very expensive.  We have sold the old bus and trusting GOD for the provisions to purchase the new one.  This will also make it possible to transport the teams to Chinandaga, Corinto and Leon to work in villages that seldom get  missionary support. 

3.  Personnel support….As I type this letter we are literally 60 days from having to leave the field.  Over the last couple years we have seen the monthly support dwindle for various reasons.  Unfortunately being a Faith Based Ministry, out of sight means out of mind.  We ARE trusting GOD for HIS provisions.  Over the past 12 years HE has met our every need in a timely manner and we trust He will meet this need as well.  Please pray about what GOD would have you or your church family do in this matter.

4.  Pray daily that everything Pam and I do will bring HONOR and GLORY to GOD.

     We are praying that you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

IHS, Donald and Pammie

Nica New

Leviticus 19:9
Love Your Neighbor as Yourself ] “When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap your field right up to its edge, neither shall you gather the gleanings after your harvest.

     On Saturday Pamela and I will be returning to Nicaragua for two weeks of service.  Our plans will take us to Honduras for a week of Leadership training and Preaching.  So very blessed to be in several different churches and meet with so many men of GOD.

     Our plans will have us returning to the States on Dec.2 for about three weeks of planning and prayer.  We will place the order with local merchants for the "Manna Fest" bags that will be delivered during the Christmas season before we leave.  Thank you to all that have supported this and we look forward to hearing from others.  I would like to close this out by Nov. 30th so we can place the order have all the bags delivered by Dec. 22 when we return.  In His Service, Donald and Pammie

Nica News

     Alright BWCM friends we need a GOD size effort. I know many of you have already contributed to the relief in the NorthEast but we need to do it one more time. FedEx has given us the use of a tractor trailer to haul relief supplies to NJ. We will park the trailer at North Roanoke Baptist beginning at noon on Monday and we plan to leave around noon on Thursday. I'm asking each of you to go to your pastor and ask him to make an announcement and see what your church can do. If every church in the Roanoke valley brought in one truck load we can fill this trailer to the GLORY of God. We can use new and gently use clothes, coats, blankets, diapers, cleaning supplies and bottled water. If you have any questions just message me and I'll get back to you.

     If your unable to get supplies to Roanoke you or your church can go to our web site and donate to help offset the cost of travel for our construction teams
     The truck will be at 6402 Peters Creek Rd, Roanoke starting noon Monday and will be there each day from 8AM until 5PM each day and we plan to leave for Sewell around noon on Thursday

Help Send Relief to Hurricane Sandy Victims Today!

Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

in Partnership with Because We Care Ministries

Let us begin by saying “THANK YOU” to everyone who helped load three large trailers with supplies for Hurricane Sandy relief in Sewell, NJ. WSLS Channel 10 has been covering the project and you can watch their report starting with the 6 PM news this evening.

Our work is not done. Don Gillette and his Because We Care Ministries team will be returning to Sewell, NJ later this week to continue their partnership with Fellowship Bible Church. This time they will be bringing donated items as well as helping to cut trees and cover roofs.

Here’s how you can once again help:
  • PRAY! Pray for the people of New York and New Jersey as they recover from this storm. Pray for the teams traveling to the area to provide relief – for safety and for opportunity.
  • Beginning today, you can drop donations off at the office of Building Integrity (7521 Hitech Rd) in Roanoke and at the Wal-Mart in Bedford. Donations needed include:
  • Diapers
  • Blankets
  • Non-perishable food
  • New and gently used clothing
  • Tomorrow beginning at 9:00 am, a BWCM trailer will be in our First Baptist Church parking lot accepting donations. The trailer will remain until 5:00 – 6:00 pm, or the trailer is full.
  • Volunteer! You can help pack these trailers. Volunteers are needed to load boxes and assist in packing the trailers for the trip.
  • Financially support their travels. BWCM needs to cover the cost of travel, food, and, in some cases, rooming. Many people in Sewell have offered their homes, but some rooming will be needed.
  • Spread the word! Help others in our area know of the need and the opportunities.
  • Please pray about what GOD would have you to do. Let’s all do our part to help!
    First Baptist Church Roanoke
    515 Third Street, SW
    Roanoke, Virginia 24016
    First Baptist Church Roanoke | 515 Third Street, SW | Roanoke | VA | 24016

    Nica News 11/04

    Deuteronomy 28

     (ASV)28  And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of Jehovah thy God, to observe to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that Jehovah thy God will set thee on high above all the nations of the earth:

    and all these blessings shall come upon thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of Jehovah thy God.

          Let me begin this by saying, "THANK YOU" to all the folks in the Roanoke Valley that helped us load 3 large trailers with supplies for hurricane Sandy relief in Sewell, NJ.  I also want to give a big shout out to WSLS for covering the project and encourage you to watch their report starting with the 6 PM news on Monday.

         One characteristic that stands out about the Acts 2 church is that all that believed were together.  Last week I saw many churches in our area contribute to loading three trailers and also the church in NJ waiting for our arrival to unload, and the friends that gave us a place to stay Friday night.  I love being apart of the family of GOD and watching the family work.

         With that said we are planning to do it once more.  Beginning Monday morning we will be packing a trailer at the office of BUILDING INTEGRITY (7521 Hitech Rd) Roanoke and the Wal-Mart in Bedford.  We would like to take a load of clothing, diapers,  blankets and nonperishable foods.  Once more we will partner with the folks at Fellowship Bible Church in Sewell.   We will also be working with Samaritans Purse in Linwood, NJ. with our construction team to cut trees and cover roofs.

         Along with the things we are taking in the trailers this time we need financial support.  We need to cover the cost of travel, food and in some cases rooming.  The folks in Sewell have offered their homes and some of the team will stay with them but some of the teams will need to stay in motels.

         Please pray about what GOD would have you to do.  Its all about JESUS!!!!!!!!!  In His Love, Donald and Pammie