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On Thursday, Nov 1, 2012,  
Because We Care will have a trailer at the new Kroger on Orange Ave. in Roanoke, Virginia to load with non perishable food, water and cleaning supplies to take to Fellowship Bible Church in Sewell NJ for distribution in hurricane ravaged communities. Please, please help! Let’s pack the trailer! It’s pulling out at 5:00 am Friday morning.
About BWCM Ministries...

About BWCM Ministries
Because We Care Ministries was founded in 2000 by Dr. Donald Gillette.  We believe that when “God shows up, he shows off.”  We stand amazed at what he is using the ministry to accomplish.  BWCM is a Christian non-profit organization.  The ministry is inter-denominational.  Our mission is to evangelize the lost.  We witness through various relief ministries to the people of  Nicaragua.

Our Ministry...

Our Ministry

This ministry helps people meet their chief need for a Savior, while also helping to meet the critical physical needs of hunger, poor substandard housing, shortage of water, lack of schools and education, lack of churches and pastor sponsorship. We offer general economic, healthcare, and emergency relief. To date we have helped feed tens of thousands of hungry people with hundreds of tons of food.

Who Can Volunteer?

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone with the desire to minister to hurting people in another culture can  volunteer! Experience is helpful but not required. The ability to speak Spanish would be a plus, but we always have interpreters who assist in our work. Each team spends about a week in country ministering to the Nicaraguan people in some of the more remote villages.If you are interested in learning more, please write to Donald, to discover if you can become part of this wonderful work

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Nica a news

Blessings to all……If there is anything I dislike more than this cold weather it has to be change.  I'm very sure GOD is trying to teach me something because we are experiencing lots of changes these days.  The big one today is when we left Nicaragua it was in the mid 90's and very comfortable.  A couple of things that we are in the process of changing is our e-mail address and mailing address.  Please help us with this transition by getting the information to the proper people in your organization.  Be Blessed, Donald and Pammie

New E-mail

new mailing address….PO Box 14132, Roanoke, VA. 24038

Nica News 10/28


Deuteronomy 15:11

 (ESV)      For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.

     In just a few days Pam and I will complete our 12th year of service to our LORD in Nicaragua.  Needless to say we have learned a lot and experienced many ups and downs.  One of the most difficult things that we face on a daily bases is the amount of hunger that still exist in the Somotillo area.  Two years ago we started a program at the training center that is a very bold step towards ending hungry.  I praise GOD for all that have helped to get this program running and truly can see progress towards someday ending hunger in Nicaragua.  With that said, the people of Somotillo are just as hungry today as they were 12 years ago.
     Several years ago we started a program during the Christmas season where we purchase bags of food to distribute along with the gospel on Christmas day.  That program is very simple, for $10.00 we purchase enough food to feed a family of 6 for a week.  As of today we have collected $2100.00 which will help us purchase 210 bags, that means 1260 people will eat for a week.  We have used the months of Sept. and Oct. to collect these funds and will order the food from a local vendor.  Since we are very short of our desired goal we are going to extend our collections for another month.  Please pray how you and your church can support this effort and be a blessing to many.  In His Love, Donald and Pammie

Nica News 10/25

Our day in Nicaragua

My name is Micah Slaga, I am here in Nicaragua with my father and my brother Jack.  I am 15 years old.

Today started off with prayer and breakfast.  Then we started work at Casa de Shelly.  First we started work on a wall for the rabbit pens, and then we cleared a field of leaves and branches.  It was hard work and it was very hot.  I drank a lot of water. 

We then stopped, cleaned up and had lunch.  Lunch was very good, I had three chimichangas.  Then I played checkers with lots of people, including the local doctor.  The doctor beat me many times in checkers because he was very good.

At 1pm, we left for the village Palo Grande, which was far away.  We drove past San Francisco that we had visited yesterday.  I saw some of the kids that I played with and spent time with yesterday.  They were very happy to see us again, even though we only drove by.

When we arrived at village Palo Grande, I began playing Frisbee with some of the kids.  I think they were between eight and sixteen.  We played for a while, until they called that the food was ready.

We fed the village, and once again we had just enough.  After we finished filling bowls, we got back on the truck and headed back to Somatillo.   On the way back, we gave out the rest of our clothing, candy, toys and flip flops to the kids and people that were waiting on the sides of the road as we drove by.  People waved back and were very happy that we were giving them things that we would perhaps consider everyday items.  I was glad to be a part of the giving.

We arrived back at Casa de Shelly, relaxed for a bit then ate dinner. 

This trip has been a very fun and lifelong experience.  It will definitely change the way I think about things once I return home. 

Thank you for reading about my day in Nicaragua.  If you haven’t tried something like this before, it will be a great lifelong experience.  You should come and try it!

Now I am off to play checkers with someone!

Nica News 10/24

Our day in Nicaragua

My name is Jack Slaga, I am here in Nicaragua with my brother and my dad.  I am 11 years old.

Today I got up and had a very good breakfast.  Then, headed out to the barn where I helped make rabbit trays.  I helped my dad screw in rails to hold the trays, then I helped put the trays together.  The wood here is very rough, and not like at home.  But they are blessed to have it.  It was very hot out today, I drank lots of water.

Then we headed in and cooled off for a little bit before lunch.  Lunch was delicious! 

Description: D:\DCIM\100KZ915\100_2784.JPGIn the early afternoon, we drove to a village called San Francisco.  No, this was not in the USA.  I played games there with lots of kids, like Frisbee and jump rope.  The doctor was helping people that were sick.  My dad and my brother gave out some candy.  Some of the kids didn’t like the fireballs, they kept saying ‘muy picante’ and some spit them out.  We also gave out some marbles and had marble races with a swim noodle that was cut in half.  It was neat to see the smiles and happy kids.

After this I helped stir the soup while my dad spooned it into bowls.  There were a lot of people in line.  We had the perfect amount, because God provided just enough.  Seeing them smiling to have the soup really makes me think differently about what I eat at home. 

It began to rain, so we had to leave a little early.  We handed out candy on the way out.  There were so many who were hoping to get something, and we had just enough again.  God is so good.  Then we arrived back at the Casa De Shelly.

Thank you for reading my story, I hope you will think about coming here like I did.  It is even better with your dad (and brother). 

Adios Amigos!

Nica News 10/23

Our day in Nicaragua

My name is Matt Slaga, I am here again with my two sons, Micah and Jack.  As a father, it is truly amazing to see your children step out in faith and work in the mission field.

Today we spent time at Corazon de Jesus School.  The school is roughly 15 feet by 25 feet with a dirt floor.  A green chalkboard leans against the wall inside, and 25 eager children were awaiting our arrival sitting quietly in their chairs.  Even after we arrived, the children were still waiting obediently for instructions from their teacher.  This to me truly showed the teaching and leadership abilities of the teachers, who do so much with so little.

Our first activity with the kids was a puppet show.  The puppets sang for the children, followed by a short skit about the love of Jesus, and how he loves us unconditionally.  After we cleared the front, a message about salvation using a toy bear was presented.  Many children raised their hands to accept Jesus into their hearts, which was a truly uplifting experience.  We then spent time with the kids and passed out small toys and some candy.  To see the smiles on the children’s faces was such a gratifying experience.  Jesus speaks truthfully when he says ‘It is better to give than to receive’.

It has been amazing to watch my children interact with other children on the mission field.  The kids where we go are naturally drawn to others their own age, and they have been able to share the love and joy of Jesus, which for me, as a parent is so worthwhile.

Once again, if you have not experienced the mission field by yourself or with your children, I entreat you to try it just once.

NicaNews 10/22

Our day in Nicaragua

My name is Matt Slaga, I am here with my two sons, Micah and Jack.  It is truly amazing to participate in the missionary field with your children, for me it has been a life changing experience and I’d only been here three days!

This day started with a devotion, a wonderful word about being a missionary, then followed by breakfast.  Then a hard half days’ work in the fields replanting corn and cleaning up a field.  My sons and I then practiced a salvation message puppet show that we were to perform later in the day in La Careta.   A bountiful lunch followed, then we loaded up in the truck and headed to La Careta. 

It’s amazing to see the children here and the smiles we are rewarded with when we toss candy from the truck.  In some cases, we toss a bag of rice.  On one instance, a handful of candy and a bag of rice were thrown to a teenage boy and girl in front of their house.  The boy immediately picked up the bag of rice (ignoring the candy for the time being), kissed it, waved it to us and then went about picking up the candy.  That to me really showed gratefulness from the boy, but also the priority.  At home, I would bet that the bag of rice would remain on the ground ignored while the candy would disappear in seconds.

At La Careta, my children and I used some markers and drew flowers, fish, crosses and more on the children’s arms.  Shortly after, we performed the puppet show and the salvation message was given.  While I’m not completely sure the children fully understood the message, they all raised their hands to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior.  What an amazing time.

After the message, my sons and I went to the cooking bowl where a stew was being prepared for the village.  My sons and I took turns stirring the stew and filling bowls.  They smiles and gratitude we were rewarded with were priceless. 

We went back to the compound afterwards and took a relaxing afternoon waiting for dinner.  It’s really amazing what Donald and Pam are doing here, and the number of lives that are being touched through this ministry.  I implore you, that if you haven’t done something like this before, you should try it just once

May God Bless and provide for you,

Matt, Micah and Jack Slaga

Nica News 10/21

This morning our mission team met children at Prince of Peace church, sang songs, and created crafts with the children to remind them of the love of God that was shared with them earlier. After we left the church we travelled a good distance to minister in the village of Esperanza, where we were met with Great need. While the team engaged the children of the village in games, I had the chance to engage a lady who walked up. I gave her some of the food we were distributing, and she engaged me in a long conversation. What a wonderful spirit she had. 

By our conversation, I was quickly reminded of the time the Lord shared the story of 10 men who the Lord healed, but illustrated how thankless humanity is by telling them that out of the ten who were healed only one returned to say thank you. This lady was the one! She talked of how encouraged she was that BWCM continued to come and minister with food, medical help, engaging the kids, but most of all sharing hope in her village. She said that without those visits their village would suffer even more as they are the only ones who come. I asked her if she had trusted Christ for herself, and after assuring me she had, went on to tell me how she had witnessed God provide their needs over and over. She was deeply concerned over the children and their medical needs, but even more, she wanted to see these children come to find the hope that Christ offers, and the joy that comes in watching Him provide for them faithfully. I stood amazed that she got it when I looked around the village and they had so little. Then it all of a sudden hit me. She wasn’t talking about what little things such as toys and food we brought and left. Oh rest assure she was very thankful for these things. But she was talking about the hope and joy that Christ leaves every day.


This lady got it, has it, and shares it! I stay amazed at how often I go to try and minister in the villages while here and how many times I am the one filled! 

Nica News

Today was the final day of our time in Somotillo.  The day started with a devotion that dealt with us carrying the word, to not only the people on Somotillo, but also to the people that we come in contact with everyday at our jobs or our everyday life.  It makes you think about the fact that we will travel 1500 miles to share the word of Jesus with people but we wont walk five feet to the cubicle, desk, or house next to ours.  So what is important to us is it people knowing that we go on missions trips or is it trying to save the lost? 

Next in our day, we were divided into two groups. One group went and worked on the clinic where they have been trying to correct the walls, pipes, and everything else due to regulation changes by the government.  The men and women that have worked at the clinic have voiced that the devil has tried over and over to foil their plans and advances, but God has given them the strength, and more importantly the patience to endure. Today arriving back at Casa DE Shelly (our compound) they were upbeat and pleased with their progress.


The second group went to the Escula de Pascuala. We were we greeted by close to 60 kids at a school that was a two room concrete building that apparently livestock stay in from time to time. In one room the Doctor saw close to 25 patients passing out antibiotics, antiworm medicine, etc… In the other room the Gospel was presented with a story of Joshua and the power of God. After the story bracelets, coloring books, other crafts were passed out, until we broke into two further groups of playing soccer and singing songs.


After lunch we went to the Village of La Fragua. The doctor again traveled with us and saw close to 40 people with a wide array of ailments. The people were feed Manna Stew (which consist chicken, corn, beans, and rice) and another group played soccer. While playing soccer we presented the gospel to a group of 12 men whose ages ranged from 15 to 65. The group was very receptive and several raised their hands telling us they understood what was said and accepted Christ.


On our way back to Casa de Shelly, we stopped and hiking the mountain of prayer.  On top of the mountain was a beautiful panoramic view of the Nicaraguan valley that is completely surrounded by mountains, including one volcano. It was a reminder of how creative and powerful God is and if we trust him we can never go wrong.  It was an amazing ending to an amazing week.

Nica News 10/10

Today started with us being able to give our testimonies over the local radio station through the church Principe de Paz. That is an experience I have never encountered before. I was able to go with the people from my home church in Durham, North Carolina. I was blessed hearing the testimonies of my church family. It was awesome! I left wanting to go back for more, wondering how many people heard the Gospel through our testimonies. 

I then went with a group to two schools in the Somotillo area. At the first school we ministered to a group of about 30 students. We were able to share the Gospel with them through a Bible story about the character of the man Joshua. The students were so attentive. They were sitting on the edges of their seats grabbing on to every word that our group said. We then made salvation bracelets for every student. We shared with them how each color represented an aspect of the Gospel. From Christ dying for our sins to how we are supposed to live out our faith, the students heard every word. As we were passing out the beads I asked the students to tell me what each bead represented. It put such a big smile on my face as students answered my questions of, “what did Jesus do for you” and “how do we grow with Christ”. We then went to a special needs school and spent time with those children. Some were blind, others deaf and some live with mental disabilities. Those kids absolutely loved spending time with us. They gave us hugs every time we turned around. It was a life changing experience.


The last thing we did outside “Casa de Shelly” today was go to the village of Pascuala. On the drive up there, we through candy and shirts out of the back of the truck. As the kids heard our truck rolling the dirt road they ran to the side of the road waiting for their treats. Being able to see the kid’s faces light up as the dove for the candy and shirts as they hit the ground was an awesome sight. While in the village we played soccer with the locals, passed out balloon animals, face painted and fed the people of that village.


So far this has been a week that will change my life. I pray that I will be able to continue this relationship for years to come.


My day today was amazing!  We started it with morning devotions where one of my team mates, Ryan Colpitts, shared about the amazing power that can be ours when we open our selves to the power of the Holy Spirit.  In a country where so many need so much it can seem overwhelming.  You can wonder what difference one person coming here could make.  On our own we can can’t do anything of lasting value or impact.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, amazing things can be accomplished!  It was a much needed start to my day to be reminded that  EVERYTHING we do needs to be covered in prayer.


After devotions we went to the local radio station at Principe De Paz to share our testimonies and sing a song of praise.  As I listened to the testimonies of my brothers and sisters my heart was filled with great emotion as I listened to story after story of how the Lord had rescued each of them from many different trials.  It was another reminder of how great and powerful our God is.
After the trip to the radio station I came home and began working with part of our team on installing an electric fence.  We needed to set up the electric fence because hogs from the farm got into the corn crop and ate it all.  In a country where food is scarce this is a serious problem. Donald had been able to find corn seed so we could replant the fields.  The fence installation went well.  In a couple of hours we had both fields surround with solar powered electric current.