Blessings all…..One word has been stuck in my mind for the past several weeks and its there for a reason.  That word is “CHANGE”, I understand the word but what is hard is to “embrace” what change is all about.  I can honestly say, “The older I get the harder it is”.  I’m not sure that in my 33 years of ministry that I have seen as much change in the way we worship and serve as I’ve seen in the past year.  I can look at several different areas such as church planting, corporate worship, youth ministry and even our work in Nicaragua.  Not one single one of these areas when  I first heard change or the way we are going to do something was I truly able to “embrace”.  I even told my pastor once, “are you crazy”.  Now the reason I’m saying all of this is to encourage you to embrace and not reject.  I have seen great success in these areas that I had a hard time embracing.  In my heart and soul I’m now reaching out to change with one desire and that is to grow the kingdom and bring glory to GOD. I can hardly believe that on May the 4th that I will be leading the youth at Prince of Peace Baptist Church.  Bottom line, if I make myself available to be used of God then that is in every area that HE leads, change or no change.
With all that said we covet your prayers as we return to Nicaragua next Sat. to continue to serve where God is leading.  We will be working with Ronaldo the youth pastor, starting house #14 and pouring the floor in the clinic.  I do hope to spend time in Managua making final preparations for the Pastors Conference.  We still need more help ($$$$) for purchasing bus tickets and food for the pastors.  IHS, Donald and Pammie

One last prayer request:  Short Oscar called last night to request prayer for his wife, ” Veronica”.  She is pregnant with their 1st child and they discovered yesterday that she has some form of cancer.  Please lift them up….

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