It was a wonderful day on the mission field.  We awoke knowing this was our last full day at work here in Somotillo.  We prayed and read the scriptures as a team before we started our day.  Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first his Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  All week we put this verse into practice as each day began and ended with seeking the Almighty.  It’s amazing what happens when we simply put into practice what we know we should do.  HE WORKS!

It has been a refreshing week here in Nicaragua as we’ve had rain every day.  In fact, today we had some “monsoon” rain for a few hours as we played with the children of Pascuala in their classroom.  It was fun to get creative as a team as we adapted to the wet surroundings and continued to share the love of Jesus.  As we often say, the Holy Spirit holds the trump card on everything!  Our job?  Be obedient!  As you’ve heard before… God always blesses obedience.

After lunch we drove out to a village in San Francisco.  With the rain coming down the place almost looked deserted as everyone was inside their homes.  However, as our presence was known God quickly drew a crowd of children and adults.  Water balloons were launched, tossed, thrown, parachuted and I even had one thrown at me.  Our team of college students did a skit that I’m confident they are still laughing at.  If laughter is good medicine for the heart (Proverbs 17:22) then God used our visit to drop the whole pharmacy upon their hearts.  Joy comes from a passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ.  It is FUN to follow Jesus!

Tomorrow morning we’ll pack up, load the truck and head to Managua.  I depart with the next trip in mind and a deeper love for God’s Kingdom work in Nicaragua within my heart.

If you’ve been… come again!
If you can’t come… send someone who can!
If you don’t know someone…send money…we’ll help you find them!

Thanks for partnering with Because We Care Ministries to make an eternal difference in a place so desperate for the hope of Jesus.

Jonge Tate
Lead Pastor
Bedrock Community Church