Good morning and blessings to all…..I can honestly say,” We are Blessed.”  Pammie got the pathology reports back and everything is negative.  At this point she has regained her strength and is doing fine, thank you Christian Family for your prayers and support. 

     Feb 7th marks another GIANT step in the work of BWCM.  Good LORD willing we will begin “Bible Studies” with 10 chosen men at Casa De Shelly.  We are very thankful that Dr Bill Ashford from FBC Roanoke, Dr Chris Dowd from Bedrock Community Church and Dr Donald Gillette from BWCM will be leding this first class.  I have known for a long time that we needed to invest in the PASTORS,  that they might grow and become stronger leaders and more FAITHFUL men of GOD.  We have begun to build a very full schedule of teaching and training for these chosen men to the GLORY OF GOD.  I will be contacting other Pastors and teachers in the coming days to see if GOD is calling them to help with the teaching and mentoring.

     Also on Feb 7th the first of the 25 families that have been chosen to work in the program of “Survival and Sustaining” at Casa De Shelly will begin their training.  A lot has happened at  Casa De Shelly over the past 4 months and we are now ready to take the “Next Step.”  We are beginning to see MANY PRAYERS answered as God has led us into an area where we can teach the people of Nicaragua to support themselves. PRAISE THE LORD

     We ask that you continue to pray for the work as I’m very sure there are still many obstacles and hurdles to overcome.  There has already been many battles to get to this point and I would never be so naive or intellectually dishonest as to think we have arrived.  I’m reminded everyday that we are in a “Spiritual War” and that  keeps Pam and I focused on The Lord Jesus Christ that gives us the VICTORY…..In His Love, Donald and Pam

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