The Extreme Team is back!  We are pleased and thankful to have the team back at Casa. They’re exhausted considering they’ve been on foot for 4 days and they started their journey up the mountain at 3 this morning. But their spirits are high.  Plenty of stories to tell, but one of the team highlights occurred today El Bareador. The team was the 1st missionary group to visit the area, made up of approximately 25 families.  They were able to install a solar powered audio Bible (“Proclaimer”) and provide tracts to the people there. Members of the team hope to return again next year to encourage the folks there.

The Casa team split into smaller groups today.  Several folks headed to Villa Camila Ortega to prepare and serve lunch at a pastor’s conference.  The on-site crew landscaped a bit, tending newly planted trees and mulching using peanut husks.  They also spent some time working with the children just outside the Casa gate.  It was great to re-connect with them again, as we had met many of them earlier in the week.
The Casa team headed to Ojoche this afternoon.  What a treat!  This community has been in partnership with BWCM for several years and it was exciting to see what’s happening there.  As we entered the community, it was strikingly clean. Hand made signs encourage locals to “care for your community” and, as simple as it might seem, feature scripture that emphasize stewardship and appropriate care of local resources (Deut. 23:12-14).  The pastor there has helped establish a program for residents to raise chickens, rabbits, and gardens locally. It was especially encouraging to visit Ojoche on our last day here as it is becoming a model for other communities to follow.  Inspiring!
And, lastly, we were blessed to have Sarah’s entire family come in this evening to sing.  She has recently joined the BWCM team and is training as an interpreter.  She, her sisters, brother, parents, brothers-in-law, and boyfriend sang beautifully.  (We secretly wonder if the spouses are required to be musicians to be in the family 🙂  God bless the Martinez family and their ministry!
We head back to Managua tomorrow… then catch flights back to the U.S. on Saturday.  Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement this week!