Thankful today (Easter 2011) first that we serve a risen Savior and second that we get to serve HIM is Somotillo, Nicaragua.  Also very thankful that all our team finally arrived at Casa De Shelly safe and sound.
Four of our team members came in late last night from Canada and Ms Pam brought them in this morning. Most of this day has been spent in preparation for the week and even going to a village and cooking Easter Dinner for about 150 of my closest friends.
Yesterday as we traveled to Somotillo the bus decided to over heat which allowed us to spend over an hour on the side of the road.  Those on the bus decided to just chill and not sweat the small stuff.  What is most amazing about this time is that our driver (Reynaldo) one of the pastors that we have had in training for the past 3 months looked at me and said, “lets pray.”  Those that have been helping in the training school have put a lot of time into teaching about prayer.  I can honestly say today that at least one Pastor “GETS IT.”
Another God moment that I’d like to share is about a young boy that showed up 1 minute to late for the food.  Not sure that I have ever seen a more disappointed face.   We simply ask an older boy to share and much to my amazement he did.  I guess those in the villages are beginning to “GET IT.”   The down side is that the villagers are very hungry.  This was the first time that I didn’t have enough cooked food for everybody and it was very apparent that the village was hungry.
Pray for the team as we seek to do GOD’S will in this amazing country, IHL, Donald and Pammie 


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