Buenos Días. Our team here at the Casa de Shelly was in for an extraordinary treat this morning.  All week we’ve been hard at work spreading the Gospel, supplying physical aid, and discipling both potential and active leaders living in the surrounding villages.  All the while God has been hard at work sculpting the missionaries here at Casa de Shelly. Two of our team members wholeheartedly took up their crosses this morning in Baptism.  Tears swelled and hearts overflowed as the team rejoiced in the tremendous victory.  The radio station was extremely special this morning.  One of our youngest members, age 9, shared her testimony followed by a prayer for salvation.  She wrapped up her testimony by saying, “If you prayed that prayer, I’ll see you in Heaven.”

After the baptisms in the Río Negro (Black River), our team pressed on to share in song and drama with nearby villages.  On our ride back into our quarters we emptied every item we had brought to give away, tossing them off the truck as we drove.  Children lined the sides of the street awaiting our gifts.  Undoubtedly, they received them: Everything from the “¡Caramelos!” (candy) to the shirt off of one of our member’s back!
It was a blessing today to reflect on the diversity of strengths that God has brought together this week for this mission:  A spirit-led Photographer, a heartfelt Sketch artist, a group of talented singers, a group of talented instrumentalists, a group of strong speakers, a group of knowledgeable translators, a group of GREAT COOKS…and the list goes on.

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