Buenas Dias – another day of God’s faithfulness in Somotillo
It’s was a great morning at Casa de Shelly.  The majority of the team made a couple of trips to the river and finished up the bottom layer of rocks for the parking pad (pending Donald’s inspection)!   It was a blessing to see the pastors show up again at the Casa, hungry for another morning of training on lessons about the Holy Spirit.
More testimonies were shared on the radio this morning, and praise and worship songs in Spanish were sung.  After the radio team rejoined the others at the riverbed, to continue gathering rocks, they met a couple of locals who were also gathering rocks and water.  Two of the young boys on horseback had heard the radio broadcast and were enthusiastic to listen in again tomorrow. 
Mama Maria’s pasta salad for lunch rejuvenated the group, and we all set out for Pasquala.  For those who had been before, it was a treat to see some familiar faces and to encourage those there in their walk with the Lord.  Pray that those who heard the Gospel would come to know Him and join the others in the village on their journey with Christ.  Please pray for continued “eternal successes” as the team finishes the second half of the week.
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