Blessings from Casa De Shelly…….First, allow me the opportunity to say thank you to all those that have sent along “birthday wishes.”  Great day working on the “Development Center” beside those that work here everyday.  Very amazed at events that have taken place here over the months as these men seek to take care of a little more than 18 acres.  Through the years we have tried very hard to purchase equipment that we could to help make their jobs as easy as possible.  To the best of my knowledge we have the only riding lawn mower and push mower in the city.  What I didn’t take into consideration is that they have no idea how to take care of or maintain any of the equipment.  I ask that we have all the men work at cleaning up around the facilities and what I saw was 6 men mowing with machetes.  Its what they know and when the equipment failed they resorted to what they know.  In your wildest dream can you imagine mowing 18 acres with a “BIG KNIFE?”  Today I’m verrrrry thankful that I know how to fix all the equipment and get it up and running again.  At some point I’m guessing the men are thankful also.  By the way it was not my idea to strap the battery to the back of the mower.  Its the only one we could find in the city and Angel figured out how to make it work.
Glad to report that we now have 16 baby chicks that are doing very well and at least two more hens that are “setting” and the incubator is full.  I do believe we have turned the corner on production, THANK YOU LORD.
Heading back to Managua tomorrow to meet the team from Faith Fellowship/Church Victorious. Prayers Please


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