Depending on how you count the days, we are on day two or three of our Nica Trip.  We departed Saturday Morning from Virginia.   A canceled flight left us in El Salvador overnight, a temporary disappointment or a welcome and unexpected stamp in the passport. Sunday, at 3:30 AM, 4 hours after we arrived in the hotel we started back on our journey.    We finally entered Casa de Shelly yesterday afternoon anxious to get out to a village to begin our work.   It was invigorating to jump out of the truck and begin working with the children here again.  They are the faces that have occupied my heart for the past ten months and the primary reason for the return.  


This morning was our first walk to the radio station to share our testimonies with the surrounding area and countries.  I fell asleep last night, and awoke this morning ready to share what Jesus has done for me since I was here last, and it was big because I had accepted Jesus during that time.   I was intently focused on the destination and the event this morning that I almost let pass the opportunity to share with my fellow team.  But He gave me the opportunity again, to show a friend the role she played in my coming to Christ through her boldness in the years before and this time I took it. 


While we are here to spread God’s word to the people in the villages we visit, to show them that he is good, and has sent us to share and be with them; he does not wait until we get to our destinations to begin to work.  He is working with us and through us on every part of our journey, through the walks to the radio station, through the down time in the common area, through the cancelations and long layovers at the airport and even our everyday at work.  We have just a few short days on each trip to share in Nicaragua, but we have everyday at work, dinners with friends and long lines at the grocery store to share.  Let us not forget those are opportunities constantly present. 


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