Today was an awesome day in Nicaragua!! The men spent the morning finishing the new compost along with some yard work while being chased by bees, as the women prepared food for the villages, made water balloons for the children, and packed bags of clothes to share with the people of Nicaragua.
     The radio broadcast went well this morning as Lynda Grey, Sterling Smith, Ashley Hall, and Seth Smith, shared their testimonies followed by a word from Pastor Tom. We were also graced by the beautiful voice of a poor Elvis impersonator.
     Our afternoon was spent in the village of San Miguelito where we played many games, fed the people, and were able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the village.  We had started out to another village but a huge storm appeared  in front of us and the decision was made to stop and take cover.  The folks that owned the house where we stopped invited us in and told us to use their porch as a shelter and to cook our food.  Tonight during “God Moments” Johanna share how one lady ask her to get more food because she didn’t have “ANY” food in her house.  Voices and Choices
Seth, Sterling and Ashley
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