Dear Beloved Child,
      Stop trying to figure everything out and let me do my job. I love you and you need to know you are here for a reason; a custom design just for you. I love you and when I watch you play with those kids in the village my heart melts because you’re loving like I love. You make me smile. Don’t worry about everyone and everything around you, because baby it’s all in my hands. Trust that I have a plan for you and never be afraid to be bold in my name, I won’t let you fall. Show the people my love, because I have shown it to you. You’re the God they see. Be a picture of me. The light I’ve given you won’t burn out unless you extinguish it yourself. The only thing holding you back is you. Let go. Let me. Because I’m your Daddy and I’ve got this.
                                                                                                                Your Heavenly Father

A team member this week wrote this as HER God moment……..

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