I just wanted to say again, “Thank You” for the opportunity to serve with Because We Care Ministries. 

I will continue to pray for BWCM and for God’s direction in your great work there.
I thank God for the steadfastness and the strength that HE has given both of you to continue the ministry there.
You are both an example to me of perseverance and willingness to serve, regardless of obstacles that get in the way.
I have learned so much from serving with you in Nicaragua.


Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ has become a greater passion in my heart since my first trip to Nicaragua.
I have not arrived yet, but I know that God is still working in me to accomplish what He has for me to do.
Serving with BWCM has been a big part of spiritual growth in my life and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity.
Thank you, Donald, for allowing me to teach at the Ladies Conference and share on the radio.
Thank you for pushing me a little to share the gospel in Jinocuao last week.  Sometimes I need that extra push.
I am amazed at how God uses your ministry to reach so many lost people and believers who need a WORD of encouragement.


I look forward to serving again with BWCM.  I am praying about coming down with Keith in the near future.
He seems to be open to it and as God shows us His Will, we will make plans accordingly.
I would like to do another Ladies Conference in the future and I trust that God will show us His plan for that as well.


Again, thank you.
I hope you will be able to meet with us August 28.


God bless you both.


Love,  Kim 

GREATTTTTTT!!!!!!!  Day….Our VT folks took over the training center and school today with lots of enthusiasm and energy.  Students were excited and waiting and from all reports the kids did a great job.  Tomorrow (Wed) is a teacher work day so there is no school but our students wanted to come anyway and have their AG class.  Can’t remember when I volunteered for school …..I guess never.
Pastor’s training is going very well and we are excited about tomorrow and one of the VT students will be working with the pastor’s on Leadership training.  More than excited to watch our Pastors grow and develop as leaders in their villages.  God is so good, Donald andPammie 


Dr and Mrs. Donald M Gillette
Because We Care Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 21806
Roanoke, VA. 24018