Today was our first full day at Casa de Shelly.    We started out the day with Terry doing devotion about love, serve and reflect. (Galatians 6:2, 1Peter 4:10, 1Thes. 2:8).  Then we anxiously waited to hear Terry & Oscar sing on the radio.  Patty was more than willing to give an action packed run down of her life and personal testimony.  Kim offered the message of salvation and offered scripture from Genesis about Esau and Jacob.  Per normal it was a joy to hear Don scream “Hallelujah”!!
                The morning continued with the Pastor’s conference.  Don and Jonge led the men with the topics of leadership, humility and perception.  Pam and Linea led the pastor’s wives.  We began the day with our personal testimony of when we accepted Christ into our lives.  We were blessed to hear their stories and share ours.  It is very inspiring to hear another person’s journey to accepting the lord into their lives.  Pam then led us into a bible discussion on Romans 12. As Christians we need to serve or we are off balance. The lord has blessed us all with at LEAST one gift and we need to find what that is.  She also talked about Matthew 20:28.  We have been put here not to be served but to serve.  She also spoke about Galatians. We prayed around Basilla, Jesus and Isabell for healing needs and their continuing mission work.  The ladies were treated to lunch and jewelry making.  It was a joy to get to know them and their passion for Christ.
                In the afternoon we went to the second village of the week, named Pajuil.  We went to this village on a large dump truck. On the way there, it started to pour down raining. We attempted to put a tarp over the rails on the truck, this seemed to be working at first, but then the rain started to come in from the front and the sides getting us all wet. As we headed to the village on the dirt road, the road had ditches running through it, with water filling it up.  The truck had a hard time getting up the road, after several tries, we made it. A lady at the village, allowed us to set up the medical clinic on her porch. Many people came to this, including women, children, and a few men.  Some of the team members worker with the people on the wordless book, crafts were done with the children, and handed out bubbles. Bowls were handed out for the meal that was prepared by Donald, which was NICA stew. Approximately 320 bowls was passed out by the mission team, this was completed in 6 minutes. Donald also asked a young girl carrying her baby sister and two bowls of soup, if “we hadn’t come, would you have eaten today”?  Her response was “no”. She said that her mama had been sick. She went to the hospital over a month ago and they just sent her home, without answers. Jonge then said a prayer with all four of her children.
                Tomorrow the mission team will be going to a different village and will be doing the pastors conference. We are looking forward to what God has in store for us!    

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