We started the morning with a devotion from Dave that reminded us that God has called us by name to the mission field. Sarah, Lee Anne, and Josh shared their testimonies, and Don preached a brief sermon that dovetailed from Josh’s testimony on the radio. It was a very powerful broadcast!
            Then we headed off to the baseball stadium, where most of the team joined members of the Principe de Paz church in painting the stands vibrant green and blue and played with the children. Our baseball crew led the local teams in practice, and many of the players accepted the Lord into their hearts when Dave and Roger shared the gospel with them afterwards. Pam, Dr. Anderson, Katie, and Greg visited a special needs school in Somotillo where they delivered food for the students so that they will have hot meals every day. They also had the opportunity to visit the students and teachers and share the gospel with them.
            After lunch, the team traveled to the remote village of La Fragua. Dr. Anderson administered medicine to the residents—the first doctor to visit the village in several years. The men played soccer and football together while the women from the team colored and made bracelets to remind the children of the gospel story that Morgan shared with them. Lee Anne served another hot stew, and then the entire village and team joined in an exciting jump rope marathon that included fathers, mothers, and their children as well as locals and team members participating together. We think the villagers will be laughing about that for a long time, especially since we left the rope for them to enjoy as a community.
            We’re excited for another busy and exciting day out in the mission field tomorrow!

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