Sarah and Lee Anne started off the day with a devotion reminding us that blessings follow obedience. Then we went to the radio, where Mike, Dave, Greg, and Katie shared their testimonies. The radio was followed by another morning at the city stadium finishing the painting, building relationships, and sharing God’s love with kids through baseball.
In the afternoon, we went to Cayanlipe, where the mission team spent time feeding, playing basketball, jumping rope, and building more relationships. After playing, the students shared the gospel with the people. The men also helped a father and son to bag their corn, which had been drying on the basketball court. Dr. Anderson saw 95 patients, most of whom were babies. Zach assisted Dr. Anderson by passing out medication. Sheryl distributed baby blankets to each of the mothers, and we were blessed to have the exact number of blankets as there were babies in this village. This village appeared to be in more desperate need than were the previous villages that we have visited this week. As usual, on the way to and from the village, we gave out clothing and candy to the people we passed on the road.
Before Mama Maria’s wonderful dinner, the mission team held an impromptu baseball game against a group of children at the stadium. It was a tie, and the game was a great time of fellowship with the locals. Praise the Lord for another great day of kingdom building in Somotillo!

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