Yesterday we got wet, but today we learned what that word really means. We all got WET! However, as with all stories, it is best to start at the beginning, so here goes.
Our morning started much like all the others, but today we had a mountain hike ahead of us. A mountain so intimidating to the locals, that they named it Cacau, which roughly translates to “Have mercy”, because it is what most people say on their way up. However, the Aletheian Nicaragua Squad not only made it to the top, but made it in record time. What takes most 3 hours or more, we owned in an hour and 20 minutes. We reached the top, and were ready for a break, only to be comforted by a church building hotter than the 100 plus weather we had been hiking in. After the service, we were all ready to get back down the mountain and enjoy a nice, refreshing ride back to Casa de Shelly.
Later we got that refreshment in an unexpected way. God opened up the heavens, and hit us with the heaviest, most violent storm that we’ve ever experienced. Teamwork was all that saved us as we all held up the tarp that kept us from getting completely drenched…we say completely, because we did in fact still get very wet. Nevertheless this journey showed us what the pastor and the members of that church have to go through on a regular basis and was extremely encouraging.
A few members of our team stayed behind to accomplish the Lord’s work in the village of Mata de Caña. We traveled via the autobahn thanks to Pastor Chris and his assertive driving. We experienced firsthand the grace of the Lord by surviving that ride. Dr. Anderson came with us and was able to treat many of the children in the village as well as pass out parasite medication. We were able to provide food for the women to cook for their families. Even though it began to rain, the church was nearby and provided a dry shelter for us to interact with the people by way of painting nails, playing games, giving stickers, and most importantly, sharing the gospel. There were several groups who learned more about Christ and God’s creation through our evangelism bracelets. We also got an opportunity to share the gospel and several of the children raised their hand and said the prayer to accept Christ. We ended the trip on the way back to Casa de Shelly back on the autobahn with the added blessing of rain, but fortunately we were equipped with one poncho that served as shelter and a fellowship for the five of us in the bed of the truck. HALLELUJAH!
Another GREAT day of Kingdom Building…Praise ye the LORD…

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