The Journidad #2

It is now the third day we have been on mission in Nicaragua, and one
of our missionaries, CJ, is still at the top of Don’s list. For all
past missionaries, you know this is not a good thing. Regardless, being
on mission in this beautiful country is still as convicting as it was
on the first day. The villages we have visited in the past few days
have shown so much gratitude for the simple meal of arroz y pollo
(chicken and rice), and a few pieces of caramelo (candy), that most of
us in the United States do not appreciate at all.
The first part of our morning consisted of devotion, a delicious
breakfast and lending a hand to the workers of Casa de Shelly in the
training facility. This included weed whacking, hay bailing, picking up
trash in nearby villages and cultivating plots of land. After a few
hours, the heat had definitely taken its toll on most of us, but we
kept working hard and when lunchtime arrived, we felt it was well
Due to the heat, sickness has claimed two of the members of our team,
but with the help of a doctor they seem to be on the mend…and much more
calm. This is showing us God’s provision for our own team, and has also
taught us that hydration is key to our well-being. The first day, we
struggled with supply management and felt the heartbreak of seeing kids
miss out on the much needed shoes and clothing we were passing out.
Today, we applied that lesson by making sure that each kid received at
least one and fewer kids were receiving nothing.
We are now getting closer to the fourth day, but the memories we have
made feel like they will last a lifetime. Please keep us in your
prayers! Don brought up a great point during our evening fellowship,
and that is that all of you, whether we have your prayers or your
donations, are part of this team. You do not have to be sweating or
passing out candy to make a difference, you just have to give your
heart to this mission and for that, we thank you. As they say in
Nicaragua, Dios te bendiga (God bless you), and as Jesus says in the
Sermon on the mount, stay salty.

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