How lovely are the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who announces peace, and brings good news of happiness, who announces salvation…Isaiah 52:7

Today the voices, hands and feet of missionaries were lovely in many ways. The morning saw sharing of testimonies by the team on the radio. Radio time was followed by the teams ministering to the region in two different areas. Part of the team headed to Corinto to share school supplies, food, and Spanish Bibles with a pastor there. The pastor was overjoyed to see the Spanish Bibles. The remainder of the team headed to the mountain top village of Cacau. After overcoming several obstacles, this portion of the team reached the staging area where they found Pastor Santos and horses waiting to led the way. After the horses were saddled up and loaded the team started the strenuous hike up to Cacau. The team delivered medical supplies and food to the village. Doctor Anderson and medical missionaries saw approximately 100 villagers. Pastor Santos reported that there had not been a doctor in the village since November. Others on the team worked with children, performed skits, and shared the gospel. One missionary even had a sole repaired that had blown out on the way up. When it was time to go, Pastor Santos accompanied the team through rain back down the mountain. After only one hard landing the team arrived at the staging area ready to depart with the satisfaction the they had been exactly where God wanted them on this day. As the team pulled away, Pastor Santos waved with the humility and peace of a saint.

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