A Psalm of David.


The Lord is my dshepherd;

     Today our pastors worked through Psalm 23 as their assignment for sermon prep.  It is amazing how 22 men and women
can take an assignment home, work through it and almost unanimously come to the same ideas about building a sermon.  Unfortunately
a number of our class had to leave early because they were concerned that the river would be up to the point they couldn’t cross.
     Yesterday we gave the pastors, leaders and others that are in the class all the food and bibles they could carry.  The only thing
I asked of them was to give at least 60% of what they took to some one that is in need besides anyone in their family.  My cup runeth over
as I listened to their stories and saw their excitement.  It  was mentioned to us that this was the very first time that several of these  men and
women were ever  in a position to give and it was very exciting.
     Some of the best news I’ve been able to share in a long time is the work is under way at the Medical Clinic.  At the end of work tomorrow 
the concrete for the floor will be completed.  Not sure what’s next but we are under construction and it’s full steam ahead.  Praise the LORD
     Please remember to pray for us as we will have over 45 guest at Casa De Shelly over the next two weeks.  The Cave Spring High School, Roanoke VA will 
arrive on Sunday with a full schedule in the local high schools and finishing up next Friday here in Managua to play the National High School team.  In His Service, Donald and Pammie

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