This morning started with the radio ministry. One team member sang a
song, and four others shared testimonies. Later, we went to Pascuala
to continue our work detail on house #24. The guys poured the concrete
foundation while the ladies engaged in more relationship building with
the kids. After finishing the foundation, we headed back to the casa
for lunch. Our second village of the day was Los Laureles. We arrived
and began engaging with the kids while the men cooked soup to feed the
families. The kids really enjoyed getting balloon animals and a few
balloon swords. Other team members played soccer and volleyball and
painted nails. The doctor treated many children who were sick. Gwen
shared a lesson about Zacchaeus and demonstrated the story with some
village children and some team members. The kids and their mothers
really enjoyed her presentation! Pete also shared Gospel Bracelets
with colored beads for each part of the salvation message. It was an
exciting day on the mission field! We are blessed to have had a great
week so far, but we are also sad because tomorrow is our last day
serving these precious people! 

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