• Planting hybrid corn
• Planting Heirloom Corn, Sorghum, etc…
• Dehydrator
• Poultry and Livestock
• Needs Assessment

Busy as a bee… It has a new meaning to the Feed by Seed team. If the
bees pollinate all of the new seeds that have been planted they will be
busy for a while.

Over the past two days they have planted two plots of corn, a plot of
grain sorghum, built a fruit dehydrator (more on this in a minute),
revaluated the poultry and livestock production strategies, and
conducted an agricultural needs assessment.

Today the team was able to see past plows, seeds and chickens. This
afternoon the team went to the village of Ojoche. Ojoche is one of the
few villages in the area that has made recent agricultural progress and
sixteen families within that village have been receiving agricultural
training and supplies through the training center. The team got to
visit a few of those farms and see the difference agricultural progress
has made on their life.

To put simply one pastor described that he used to struggle to provide
his family with the basic rice and beans. But now, he was able to
provide his family with “a variety of nutrition.”

Today was a combination of a year of work, the investment of the
ministry but most of all saw that when we let God lead our work the
result is an overwhelming amount blessings. The blessing of nutritious
food and a future for the people of Ojoche but also a blessing to the
team to see what can happen when God utilizes your skills and
experiences to fulfill His plans.

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