Extraordinary, fulfilling, eye opening, wonderful, challenging, mind
changing, blessed, powerful, humbling, breathtaking, inspiring, Life
changing, great, inspirational, awesome, fantastic, God sent,As this mission trip comes to an end for this team here in Nicaragua we
wanted to share with you how the team described their week. Praying
for our next team that will arrive 8/5.One of the pictures that I posted today is of a 92 year old women. I lead her to the LORD about 12 years ago. On that day I handed her a BIBLE as she set under the tree that we cook under in La Flor. A momemt later she started to hand be the Bible back and she said, “I can’t read.” She pulled her hand back and said, “I could hold it to my heart and let GOD speak to me.” I responded, “yes you can.” In His Love, Donald and Pammie

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