“Él fue traspasado por nuestras rebeliones, y molido por nuestras
iniquidades; sobre él recayó el castigo, precio de nuestra *paz, y
gracias a sus heridas fuimos sanados.”
Isaias 53:5 

Isaiah 53 is filled with prophecies that Jesus fulfills in the New
Testament. The Suffering Servant was sent down on our behalf to pay the
penalty we should have paid. Jesus was wounded for our transgressions,
crushed for our iniquities so that by his stripes we could be healed.
Christ laid down his own life so that we can have life more abundantly.
Today, Chris, Jeremy and Tim shared this with the pastors of Nicaragua.
The classroom at Casa de Shelly was filled with about 20 pastors from
all over the area, some traveling several hours by foot to learn more
about Isaiah and how to effectively preach God’s word to their people. 

Beginning with a little background on the book of Isaiah and moving
through an outline of all 66 chapters, these three men from Bedrock
Community Church were humbled to be able to teach about teaching to a
group of men who seek to demonstrate the very life God died to give us.
Being a pastor requires a lot of sacrifice and that is certainly
something these Nicaraguan pastors understand. One Nicaraguan pastor
has such a heart for the people in his village that he carried wisdom
to the people He cared about most. Not only is he faithful in preaching
the gospel, he took initiative to clean up his village and maintain a
safe and sanitary environment so that his people would stay healthy.
This man sacrificed time and resources for his people because he “gets

When it comes to sermon preparation, these men are beginning to
understand how to recognize the main idea of a passage and compose a
sermon outline based on that main idea. But today was a great reminder
for them to keep the gospel central to their teaching. After looking at
a few passages, these pastors were able to put this into practice by
recognizing what a passage says but also where we see Jesus in each
passage. The word of God is our source of truth; our rock and our
foundation. It is here where we find wisdom and peace. Everything we
need is in Scripture and it was such a blessing to interact with these
people even though there is a language barrier. God overcomes and God
provides. The translator today was incredible and God certainly used
her as a conduit for His message. 

Please join us in praying for the pastors of Nicaragua as they apply
God’s word to their lives and to their ministries. These pastors enjoy
learning and they enjoy preaching. God has anointed these men as
leaders and Nicaragua has many needs to be met. Pray for our team
tomorrow as they talk about Jeremiah and practice sermon preparation in
the classroom. 

In the afternoon we travelled north, close to the Honduran border, to
Palo Grande.
This is a rather large village, and immediately we drew a crowd over
close to 150
children in their large field. This led to spontaneous games of
frisbee, soccer, and nail painting.
There were so many children that the gospel was shared in multiple
groups. A large number of children
surrendered their lives to Jesus. We encouraged them to tell the local
pastor and attend the local church.
We fed the village with a hot meal and finished off the day with warm
conversation with the villagers and game
of soccer. Pray for the seed of the gospel in Palo Grande. 

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