Our day in Nicaragua

My name is Matt Slaga, I am here again with my two sons, Micah and Jack.  As a father, it is truly amazing to see your children step out in faith and work in the mission field.

Today we spent time at Corazon de Jesus School.  The school is roughly 15 feet by 25 feet with a dirt floor.  A green chalkboard leans against the wall inside, and 25 eager children were awaiting our arrival sitting quietly in their chairs.  Even after we arrived, the children were still waiting obediently for instructions from their teacher.  This to me truly showed the teaching and leadership abilities of the teachers, who do so much with so little.

Our first activity with the kids was a puppet show.  The puppets sang for the children, followed by a short skit about the love of Jesus, and how he loves us unconditionally.  After we cleared the front, a message about salvation using a toy bear was presented.  Many children raised their hands to accept Jesus into their hearts, which was a truly uplifting experience.  We then spent time with the kids and passed out small toys and some candy.  To see the smiles on the children’s faces was such a gratifying experience.  Jesus speaks truthfully when he says ‘It is better to give than to receive’.

It has been amazing to watch my children interact with other children on the mission field.  The kids where we go are naturally drawn to others their own age, and they have been able to share the love and joy of Jesus, which for me, as a parent is so worthwhile.

Once again, if you have not experienced the mission field by yourself or with your children, I entreat you to try it just once.