Our day in Nicaragua

My name is Matt Slaga, I am here with my two sons, Micah and Jack.  It is truly amazing to participate in the missionary field with your children, for me it has been a life changing experience and I’d only been here three days!

This day started with a devotion, a wonderful word about being a missionary, then followed by breakfast.  Then a hard half days’ work in the fields replanting corn and cleaning up a field.  My sons and I then practiced a salvation message puppet show that we were to perform later in the day in La Careta.   A bountiful lunch followed, then we loaded up in the truck and headed to La Careta. 

It’s amazing to see the children here and the smiles we are rewarded with when we toss candy from the truck.  In some cases, we toss a bag of rice.  On one instance, a handful of candy and a bag of rice were thrown to a teenage boy and girl in front of their house.  The boy immediately picked up the bag of rice (ignoring the candy for the time being), kissed it, waved it to us and then went about picking up the candy.  That to me really showed gratefulness from the boy, but also the priority.  At home, I would bet that the bag of rice would remain on the ground ignored while the candy would disappear in seconds.

At La Careta, my children and I used some markers and drew flowers, fish, crosses and more on the children’s arms.  Shortly after, we performed the puppet show and the salvation message was given.  While I’m not completely sure the children fully understood the message, they all raised their hands to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior.  What an amazing time.

After the message, my sons and I went to the cooking bowl where a stew was being prepared for the village.  My sons and I took turns stirring the stew and filling bowls.  They smiles and gratitude we were rewarded with were priceless. 

We went back to the compound afterwards and took a relaxing afternoon waiting for dinner.  It’s really amazing what Donald and Pam are doing here, and the number of lives that are being touched through this ministry.  I implore you, that if you haven’t done something like this before, you should try it just once

May God Bless and provide for you,

Matt, Micah and Jack Slaga