Isaiah 54:2

“Enlarge the place of your tent,
    and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out;
do not hold back; lengthen your cords
    and strengthen your stakes.

     Early 2012 found Pam, myself and several of our team members walking the property at the training center and asking GOD to show us how HE wanted us to "Enlarge the place of our tent."  While we were praying we actually wrote this verse on four stakes and placed them in the four corners of the property.  In my heart I know that GOD was leading us to reach deeper into the heart of Nicaragua, to build stronger relationships, and to reach more of the unreached in our part of the world.

    Pam and I want to THANK EACH OF YOU for your support and prayers.  2012 brought many new missionaries to Casa De Shelly.  As we began to stretch our tents we were very thankful for those that came alongside to support the work and help the Kingdom grow.  We praise GOD for the many teams already booked for 2013,  many of which will be "first timers."  We continue to pray that GOD will illuminate the minds and hearts of other churches and leaders to join BWCM in our Kingdom work in Nicaragua and Honduras.

     There is lots of "new life" at the training center as we close out 2012.  We have replaced all of our 300 chickens through the year so that we start out 2013 with a very young flock.  These chickens will continue to be used to help families learn to sustain life.  With the help of  several generous gifts we were able to completely replace both our sheep and goat herds.  We now have upgraded both herds to be of the highest quality possible to obtain in Nicaragua.  In the month of Dec. we had several newborn sheep and goats and all are doing very well.  Our prayer is that milk and cheese production can begin after the first of the year.  We will have to continue to grow both herds so that we can "stock" our trained families.

     Pastoral training will continue in both Somotillo Nicaragua and Choluteca Honduras in 2013.  We will also begin working with pastors in both Leon and Managua Nicaragua on a limited basis.  We do have plans in place to do three, one-day training sessions in various locations in Costa Rica.  These one-day sessions are designed to challenge the local Pastors to be the men of GOD that are leading their churches and growing the KINGDOM.


1.  We are working on a new well, pump and filer system for Casa De Shelly.  It has become necessary to drill a deep well to supply the house.

2.  We are praying for a new 30-passenger bus.  Transporting the teams from Managua to Somotillo has become very expensive.  We have sold the old bus and trusting GOD for the provisions to purchase the new one.  This will also make it possible to transport the teams to Chinandaga, Corinto and Leon to work in villages that seldom get  missionary support. 

3.  Personnel support….As I type this letter we are literally 60 days from having to leave the field.  Over the last couple years we have seen the monthly support dwindle for various reasons.  Unfortunately being a Faith Based Ministry, out of sight means out of mind.  We ARE trusting GOD for HIS provisions.  Over the past 12 years HE has met our every need in a timely manner and we trust He will meet this need as well.  Please pray about what GOD would have you or your church family do in this matter.

4.  Pray daily that everything Pam and I do will bring HONOR and GLORY to GOD.

     We are praying that you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

IHS, Donald and Pammie