With appropriate warning from Donald, the day was exactly like he warned us to be, starting with a lovely 0600 wake up call of knocking doors and yelling. Kyle and Parker lead an inspiring devotional out of the first half of Philippians 1. They spoke a lot about what it means to be persecuted and how we need to develop and show how committed we are to God and our faith in Him. After an outstanding breakfast from Momma Maria, the first group left for the radio station. Brent, Sarah, Phil, and Garrett shared their testimonies and Kyle, Jamie, and Jordan lead a few songs of worship. Words of encouragement were broadcasted through multiple nations to bring inspiration to millions. Their words were encouraging also to the team, their transparency brought us closer together as a group. After the group at the radio station came back, we headed out to Pascuala to work on the thirtieth house built by Because We Care Ministries in that village. We were welcomed by smiling faces and squeals from joyous children. The group then proceeded to dig the ditch for the footing of a house for one of the villagers. While digging the team engaged in various activities including soccer and fingernail painting with the children of the village. After completing the digging in a couple hours in the dry heat of Nicaragua, the footing ditch was finished. Then it was back to Casa De Shelly, to be filled with nutritious vittles, compliments of Momma Maria. Next we headed off to the village of Jinocuajo. At Jinocuajo, the team split up into two different teams, some of the guys played a couple of pick up games of soccer with the boys of the village while the girls and a few of the guys played with the kids at the local church, including leap-frog, coloring books, jump rope, and fingernail painting. After about an hour, we all joined up at the church and Donald told the people the story of God’s love for all people in the form of his son Jesus, who takes away their sins through faith. After this the team distributed a cauldron of soup to the villagers which will sustain them for a day then gave out packets of rice to the mothers for the next couple days. On the return the group threw out of the truck candy and clothing items to people who live on the road. This concluded the days work. Which leads to this very point where I am writing to you! Grace and Peace!

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