Today started out with Senor Donald’s beautiful wake up call, much like the past few days. Jordan and Brandon led this morning’s devotional from Philippians 2 and 3. They challenged the team to "consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus…" (Phil. 3:8). The greatest knowledge anyone can have is that of our Lord Jesus. It was an appropriate challenge for the team in its mission to spread the Gospel in the region. Following breakfast, Jordan S., Victor, Andrew and Yoshi as well as the worship team went to the radio station to share their stories and worship our God through song. Their testimonies were an encouragement to the rest of the group. The team did not stay at La Casa de Shelly or go to Pascuala to help with construction in the morning. Instead, they left for the day to hike to the village of Cacao. En route to Cacao, the team had the opportunity to stop and pray for the father of Pastor Santos (Cacao), who had been having heart problems recently. Shortly afterwards, Domingo led the missionaries astray as they took a wrong turn up the mountain. However, with Senor Donald’s guidance, all safely arrived at the village. The team had the opportunity to engage with the villagers and participate in an afternoon church service. It was a moving experience to be able to worship the Almighty God in Spanish and English with Christian brothers and sisters from Cacao. The team was able to share their stories and following a message from Donald, Pastor Santos and the rest of the congregation prayed for the team in their efforts to spread the Gospel. It was a moving and encouraging moment to know that the body of Christ really did span all nations. When the service ended, food and other necessary items were given to the village and the group made its way back down the mountain to meet up with the trucks. To our surprise, Ms. Pam showed us great love by providing cold bottles of Gatorade to replenish our fatigued bodies. The team returned to La Casa de Shelly to enjoy Mama Maria’s delicious dinner and to fellowship with one another. Food makes for happy missionaries.