From the day-beginning shout out at the top of the radio broadcast to the God-moment and prayer time at day’s end, the Lord has fashioned a blessed day once again in Nicaragua. Stretched and happily spent, the Roanoke, VA team wrapped up day two feeling privileged in serving the Lord Jesus. A team from Christ our Redeemer Church led the Principe de Paz radio broadcast, with testimonies and a gospel message given by Pastor Tom. The team then split, Tom and Pastor Bill from Bedrock Community Church remaining at the casa to teach the nearly 30 pastors in training and the rest traveling to Pascuala to do mercy ministry painting a house and putting up walls on another.

After lunch, the team descended on Laredo, where an amazing variety of ministries sprung up at once, all designed to build gospel bridges with the people, meeting physical needs, having fun, offering hope, and sharing the truth of Jesus Christ. Every team member pitched in, some playing games, some serving a meal, some sharing the gospel, some praying for individuals, and all being blessed in response as God got the glory.

One last thing…it’s always noteworthy when a “first” takes place on a BWCM mission week. Donald did confirm that two of our gentlemen — Bill and Andy — getting their finger nails colored by nine year old Savannah was a first. The guys happily obliged and seemed to enjoy it.