Hola amigos!!
Today on the mission field, this morning started off a little quieter than usual. Don’s daily wake-up call was not as startling as usual since Amelia and Emma reminded him of the verse Proverbs 27:14 that says "A loud and cheerful greeting early in the morning will be taken as a curse." 😉

We had to skip out on the radio station this morning as it got struck by lightening yesterday (thank-you, rainy season). Instead, we as a team went to help clean up a ballpark that will soon have a couple thousand people spectating and playing at a tournament for For the Love of the Game Organization.

Afterwards, many of the team members took what little extra time we had to get mini-teaching lessons from the translators.

We packed up bags and headed to Villa Esperanza where a nurse, food, clothing and lots of fun was provided. Most importantly, the Gospel was shared.

Shortly after the message, the rainy season began to bite back again. That didn’t stop the fellowship, though. There was about 150 people congregated under a rain shelter receiving food and having good conversations.

The ride back was interesting as it was spent in a tight community huddled under the tarp of the truck as it poured rain. That’s what we call team building. 🙂

To wrap up for the day, we’re reminded that God is good and that there is always an opportunity before us to display the Gospel, whether by action or by Word. Don’t miss out!