Today started with "radio time" at the Casa. We have been sharing our testimonies with each other at Casa de Shelly because the radio station is down because of lightening. It is always such a blessing to hear everyone’s story. Next Mike and Don did another day of pastor training while the team walked through the street just outside of Casa de Shelly picked up trash to bless the people in that community. Some of the ladies enjoyed handing out bottles of children’s vitamins to the moms. Then we worked on the farm for the rest of the morning. We weeded the corn field, shoveled rocks and cleaned up garbage. After lunch we drove to Cayanlipe and played with the kids and cooked food for everyone. It was so amazing to look around the village and see everyone on our team engaging with the kids and sharing the gospel. Luke and Oliver were able to share the gospel with a group of teenage boys and adult men. Eight of them made decisions to follow Christ. It is such a blessing to see Luke and Oliver able to engage a group that is often hard to reach. When we got back to Casa de Shelly we were tired but couldn’t resist the smiles of the kids at the gate that were waiting on us to come out and play. We took soccer balls and water balloons out and had fun with the kids before dinner. After a great night of God moments we called it a day here in Nicaragua! Pray for our team as we take every opportunity of our last day on the mission field.