For Love of the Game Day 3 update:

Today once again started and ended well. The radio team displayed the Love of Christ through worship and testimonies. The Lord has truly blessed the team in more ways than we ever realized. The worship has been authentic and genuine. The teams hearts are exposed every morning and evening. Thank you team. Today we took residence in a community called El Laredo. We had both teams together serving the community. It was nice to see both teams (baseball and engaging) working side by side.

The first game was the best game of the week thus far. Top of the first inning Jim Wagner (Linda Tinsley Wagner) blasted one into the woods. We took a 1-0 lead. We lost the lead in the second. We trailed 4-1. The 4th inning rolled around and we were trailing 8-1. We knocked ourselves out of the inning when we hit into a inning ending triple play! Dalton Moore pitched great but the field conditions and our defense did not get along. The 5th inning rolls around and we struck. Thanks to Will Simpson andCason Caldwell Jennifer Barron Caldwell both produced runs. Cason hit a 3 run double. We drew closer. Trailed 8-4. The inning continued and we saw home runs from Austin Biggar and Steve Klaiber. We walked out to the bottom half of the 5th with a 9-8 lead. We brought Jordan Kelly into the game in the middle of the 4th. Jordan held them scoreless in the 4th, 5th, and 6th inning. We came in and scored a few more runs to stretch our lead to 16-8. We brought Jim Wagner in for the 7th and held off a semi rally. The final score was 18-10. We moved to 4-0. Top performers from the game included Raphael Trinidad, Cason Caldwell, Will Simpson, and Steve Klaiber. Jordan Kelly recorded his second win of the week.

The second game was quick. La Pascuala was not quite ready for us. We threw our secret weapon. "Oso Blanco" Shane Carr. He went two scoreless innings. We won 12-0. We had a quick surge of home runs. Jordan Kelly and Dalton Moore both hit home runs. The game ended after two innings.

El Laredo wanted to play again. We suited up and agreed to play two innings. We had been out there from 9am and it was 1:30pm. Oso Blanco went out and threw 2 more innings. We finished the two innings ahead 4-1.

Today was a hot day. It was also the longest day. The team did a great job. We heard Peyton Bembry share his story to the teams. We asked each player to take a few players off to the side and have a personal time of prayer with the players. They prayed for the player and their family.

Listening to the testimonies and prayers by the players is something special and unique. I am very thankful for their willingness and boldness. God is good. Cannot wait for tomorrow.