After a long travel day yesterday and a good night’s sleep at Casa De Shelly, the missionaries woke up ready to serve today. After morning devotions and a great breakfast, we all loaded up into the back of the big white truck (praise God for the repairs!) and headed out to Pascuala where we continued upgrading and painting the homes of the village. As usual, we had help from the people of Pascuala at all 3 homes and lots of work was done in only a few short hours. The team also got to engage with the kids playing a variety of games including: frisbee, football, duck-duck-goose (or as we called it here, “gato-gato-perro”), bubbles, stickers, temporary tattoos, fake mustaches, etc. All in all, it was a great morning spent being the hands and feet of Jesus. We returned to the mission house for a quick lunch and then some team members rushed off to the radio station where we have been asked to do radio broadcasts each day at 12:30. Steve, Sam, and Tasha all shared very different but equally powerful testimonies that people in parts of 3 countries must have really enjoyed. When they returned from the radio station, we were off again to spend the afternoon in another village known as La Fragua. We were very busy all afternoon as the mission team divided and conquered with each person using their God-given gifts to engage and serve God wherever they could. For instance, we set-up a medical station and the local doctor as well as a doctor on our trip treated dozens of children with a variety of ailments. Others served by helping cook a big pot of chicken stew that fed the entire village of ~200 people. Others painted fingernails, played games, and handed out bags of food. At the end of the day, lots of people in Nicaragua (and everyone on our mission team) was touched by God who used His people to draw us all closer to Him.