January 14, 2014

Today is a day the Lord had made, be glad and rejoice in it! Aletheia College Park has made it through another exciting day here on the mission field of Nicaragua!

On this lovely, sunny Tuesday, Daniel began our day with a devotional in Romans 12. He reminded us to use our bodies as living sacrifices to God. With that in mind, we began another day at work as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Shortly after breakfast Danielle, Daniel and Ryan all went to the radio station to share their testimonies. However, the power went out before Daniel and Ryan were able to share! Even so, we know that God is in control and they are both excited to share about God’s work in their lives tomorrow!

After returning to Casa de Shelly, we departed for Pascuala to help repair and paint two more homes. During this time we were also able to build relationships with many of the local children. During this time, Ryan, Jesse and Danielle taught the game “ninja” while Jon and Rob played soccer.

Once we finished repairs on the house we returned to Casa de Shelly for lunch and after that headed back out a village called La Carreta. This village was further away from where we were staying, so we ended up driving for about 45 minutes before we arrived. While driving our group saw much of the beautiful landscape, many mountains and country hillsides, all reflecting God’s glory. In Carreta we collectively participated in medical ministry, serving food and fellowship with the villagers. One highlight while in this village was that Zach was able to teach many of the young boys how to make paper airplanes and had a paper ball fight in the village.

After leaving La Carreta we began the trip back to Casa de Shelly. On the way back we stopped to get “coke in a bag”, which was definitely refreshing after such a hot day! On our return we were also able to pass out clothing and candy.

As another day on the mission field closes, we ponder upon the people we met and served and the blessings that God has given us. We are now resting and preparing for the villages will visit tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers!

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