Hola amigos! Today was hump day! It hard to believe we are already half way through our trip. We cannot thank God enough for giving each of us the opportunity to be here to serve. It is truly inspiring to see God at work in Nicaragua.

Our day started with a devotional from Rob. Rob read out of Colossians 1 and reminded us that we serve because Jesus is King, because of the mission of the King and out of gratitude for the King. After the devotional Daniel, Ryan and Jon went to the radio to share God’s impact on their life. Don also included a beautiful message about what a disciple of Christ looks like.

Once the three of them returned to Casa de Shelly we departed for Pascuala where we were again repairing and painting houses. Today Zach, Daniel worked alongside the homeowners and got to paint the houses a vibrant watermelon color. Meanwhile the rest of our team was able to interact with the local children through nail painting and soccer.

After this we returned to Casa de Shelly for a lunch break. During this time we also prepared what Zach calls “Santa Sacks of Sustenance”, which are bags filled with cooking supplies, sugar, coffee, flour and other food supplies. We then loaded the bags in a truck and we brought them with us when we visited the village of Pajuil in the afternoon.

While in Pajuil, we did many of the same activities we have been doing for the past two days including medical ministry, serving food, and entertaining children. We also got to pass out the “Santa Sacks” and clothing. Pajuil is a newly discovered village for Because We Care Ministries so it was a blessing to be with them and show Christ’s love through our actions. While we were in the village, Kim and Rob shared the gospel with a large majority of the people living there. Please be praying for the relationship that is forming between because we care and Pajuil and that the people there will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Some of the highlights from the afternoon include Jesse and Zach got to play soccer with some young boys, however, someone accidentally kicked the ball into and beehive which interrupted their game. Luckily no one got stung! Additionally this afternoon, the doctor was able to see sixty five patients, which is about twenty more than normal! Rob met a group of women who were listening to Ryan Adams and he was able to use the love song as an opportunity to explain Christ’s love to the women. Lastly, while in the village I was able to have a lengthy conversation with a boy, his name is Steven, who was also visiting family in the village from Costa Rica. We talked about a variety of topics, one of which was about why I was in the Village. I was able to explain to him that I was on a mission trip with my church and he told me about the churches in his home town and the missionaries that visited his home. From our conversation I was reminded of how big God is and also have vast His mission is.

Lastly today Kim was able to finish an irrigation system on Because We Care’s property which will be extremely beneficial to the agricultural program. As the day closes out we are joyfully anticipating the service opportunities, God moments and chances we will have to show God’s love for the remainder of the trip. Keep us in your prayers!