Today started off with Chris and Bill going to the radio station and giving their testimonies. This was the first time they had done this together. God must have had someone out there that needed to hear the whole story of their relationship together but much more important their relationship with Him. Then Danny did an excellent job wrapping up the program with a word about eternal security.

We then came back to the Casa and began teaching the Nicaraguan pastors. Bill taught 2 John and Chris taught 3 John. The pastors are eager to learn and it was a great privilege to be asked to come and help teach them. The rest of the team spent the morning in the village of Coferdia. The road to Coferdia includes passing by the city dump. This is always an overwhelming sight. There are so many people who are extremely hungry and it is heartbreaking to watch them search through garbage to find something to eat. The team served in the dump and in Coferdia and returned to the Casa.

After we had lunch we went to another village called Las Linas and to feed the people and that is always a fun time but one of sadness. To see so many people in need of just the smallest thing to sustain life saddens ones heart. This was a new village and one where we also found a lot of hungry people today. The line was long and the need was great but God provided for everyone who was there.

Today reminded us of a message that we heard in Honduras this week. Pastor Teodoro preached a message from Psalm 42:1-2, “*As the deer pants for flowing streams so my soul for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God?”* We have met a lot of hungry people this week. Many people here are hungry for food and we were able to deliver nutrition to them. Many pastors here are hungry for the meat of the word of God and we were able to feed them from the Scriptures. We also met a lot of people who were thirsty for hope and peace and God allowed us to deliver that message to them as well. It makes me wonder how hungry and thirsty we are for God. Do I line up to the word of God everyday as hungry to hear from Him as the people in these villages? Do I come before the throne in prayer with the same hunger for a word from God as these pastors who come to class searching for truth? What about you? When was the last time you came to God as desperate as a mother from Las Linas who pushed her way through the line today to secure food for her family. Are we desperate for God?