This morning, the team traveled from Managua to Somotillo. We made pretty good time even though there was some traffic (aka cows crossing the road). This was the first time in Nicaragua for many of the team members and, for some, the first time travelling abroad. The team was truly in awe of God’s creation as we journeyed across the country.

Once the team arrived in Somotillo, we got settled into Casa de Shelly and Mama Maria made a delicious lunch. After the team had organized the donation bags, the team headed out to our first village – Laredo.

In Laredo, the team split up to engage with the villagers. Carrie, Alana, and Emily painted nails, played duck duck goose, and shared the gospel using beaded bracelets. The rest of the team took to the pitch and engaged the village children in a match of football (soccer, or some form of it). Michael was relentless on the field scoring goal after goal ending with a hat trick and a fair number of assists to the brave village children who joined the side of the “gringos” (apparently that’s us). The team also had their first experiences interacting with the Nicaraguans in Spanish. Derek told a boy that he “broke his child” instead of saying that he “broke his toe.” The child was horrified, but Domingo saved the day and informed him of Derrick’s error in Spanish.

Overall, it was a fun afternoon in Laredo. We prepared and served a meal in the village, shared the gospel on multiple occasions, and had a good time interacting with villagers despite our broken Spanish. Dinner prepared by Mama Maria was amazing (as always), and we’re heading to church in a couple minutes. The team has thoroughly enjoyed their first day in Nicaragua, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the week!