After breakfast this morning, the team split into two groups- with Mike, Jon and Ben staying at the compound to teach pastor’s school, and the rest of the team going out to La Barrera to begin laying block on the shelter.

At Pastor’s School, Mike spoke about leadership, laying out the keys to leadership in the church as well as situational leadership. It was incredible to see the ways in which God is at work through these leaders- equipping them to lead their churches and helping their churches experience continual growth. During a break in teaching, Pastor Reynaldo spoke briefly about a 2nd location for Principe de Paz (1 church, 2 locations, 1 family), announcing that he will be pastoring the second location. In addition he introduced two new leaders, with one coming on board to serve as the pastor in Villa Nueva, and the other becoming the area missionary in the communities around Villa Nueva. It was amazing to see the new work that God is doing here in Somotillo.

While Mike, Ben, and Jon sat in the air conditioning at pastor training (working very hard!!!), the rest of the team returned to La Barrera to begin laying bricks for the multipurpose building that the Dawson team started constructing. The team worked together to gather bricks, get another load of sand, and lay the bricks Nica style. The team was impressive in battling the heat and in working together to do the job efficiently. There’s still much work to be done before the multipurpose building is finished, but we are excited to continue to see the fruits of our labor.

This afternoon the whole group went to El Platanal for medical assistance, food, and games. They are digging ditches for a new water distribution system there, so the roads were bad, but it was good to see the infrastructure being expanded. Jones was offered a fresh bottle of water by one of locals (even though the water was not actually fresh), and it was a very moving thing. How great is a gift from one who has so little to give! God did great work with the team today. We’re looking forward to what we’ll see next!