After arriving safely at Casa de Shelley, we unloaded and settled in and headed out to a village called Esperanza. Our whole team engaged the kids in games, sports, and story telling. After serving the meal, there was a worship service held under the village’s shelter that was built by BWC Ministries. At that service, one woman who the BWC team has gotten to know over the years prayed to receive Christ. That evening, we went to Principe de Paz for their Sunday evening service. We heard a missionary from Tennessee preach and had a great time of worship.

Days Two and Three

We went to the radio station both Monday and Tuesday morning, where Tim, Lisa, Abby, Jay, Sarah, Josh, and Dr. Williams shared their testimonies, some of them sharing testimonies for the first time.

We also spent both days in the village of La Puma with the medical team setting up in the school and the engage team outside in the yard. Over the course of two days, the medical team saw about two hundred people.

While the medical team was treating, the engage team was playing soccer, Frisbee, dodgeball, painting fingernails, coloring, and playing yard games. It was very special to the team members to be able to spend two days with the same kids and build relationships with them. It also made leaving this afternoon very hard knowing we would not be returning to that village on this trip. While in La Puma, we saw two people come to know Christ. On Monday, a man named Michael who had been playing Frisbee with our team and the kids came up to some of our team members after they shared the Gospel. He believed in God but wanted a better understanding of a relationship with Jesus. With the help of our interpreter Roger, Michael prayed to receive Christ and is excited about getting involved with Principe de Paz. Today, Michael’s wife Sonia was being treated by Alex, one of the doctors on our team. In his conversation with Sonia, he also was able to share the Gospel and pray with her to receive Christ. It is so awesome to see how God has moved in one family over our two days in La Puma. We also engaged another young man named Frank who we will continue praying for faithfully knowing that the Holy Spirit is moving in his life. Miss Pam was able to share the Gospel on Monday but he was not ready to receive it.

Dr. Don and Dr. Bill left Monday morning to travel to Honduras for pastor training and returned safely Tuesday afternoon having spent two great days training young pastors equipping them for ministry in their churches.

So much has happened in these first two days, it makes us even more excited for what God will do over the next three. Please be praying for our medical and ministry team.